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This is a question Political Correctness Gone Mad

Freddy Woo writes: "I once worked on an animation to help highlight the issues homeless people face in winter. The client was happy with the work, then a note came back that the ethnic mix of the characters were wrong. These were cartoon characters. They weren't meant to be ethnically anything, but we were forced to make one of them brown, at the cost of about 10k to the charity. This is how your donations are spent. Wisely as you can see."

How has PC affected you? (Please add your own tales - not five-year-old news stories cut-and-pasted from other websites)

(, Thu 22 Nov 2007, 10:20)
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Working at a nursery once upon a time.
I encountered some odd rules. The strangest, and possibly most dangerous, was this one.

The sproglets are outside playing in the nursery garden, scampering about, having fun, under the watchful eye of myself and the trained carer. Myself, not being trained, was limited in what I could do. I couldn't change nappies, for instance, or ever be left alone with any of the children without a trained carer in the room. Sensible precautions, really, and not the strange rule this story is about.

The trained carer asked me to fetch something from inside, then stopped herself.

"No wait, I'll have to do it," she said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because the Muslim girl's inside on her own and you're a man. You can't be alone with her."

I gave my WTF face. "Huh? That doesn't make any sense. I'm gay!"

She shrugged. "It doesn't matter. Sorry."

She then went to fetch whatever it was, leaving me, the untrained young man alone with a garden full of toddlers.

I killed and ate six of them before she returned.
(, Thu 22 Nov 2007, 17:27, 3 replies)
Someone asked W. C. Fields: "How do you like children?"

He responded: "Parboiled!"
(, Thu 22 Nov 2007, 17:37, closed)
Children of nursery age aren't Muslims,
or Jews, or Christians, or Hindus, or Shintoists, or Pastafarians, or anything. They can't decide what they're going to do that day, let alone have a belief system about the universe and everything in it. If you tell a nursery age child that wind is made by trees sneezing, they'll believe you.
(, Thu 22 Nov 2007, 21:19, closed)
I wasn't clear; the Muslim girl was another person working there.
(, Thu 22 Nov 2007, 23:47, closed)

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