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This is a question Public Transport Trauma

Completely Underwhelmed writes, "I was on a bus the other day when a man got on wearing shorts, over what looked like greeny grey leggings. Then the stench hit me. The 'leggings' were a mass of open wounds, crusted with greenish solidified pus that flaked off in bits as he moved."

What's the worst public transport experience you've ever had?

(, Thu 29 May 2008, 15:13)
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Praise the Lord??
I'm not much of a storyteller, but here goes. I lived in London 20 years ago & one day when I got on the tube (Victoria Line, heading for Finsbury Park, standing room ONLY) there was this absolutely drop-dead GORGEOUS chinese girl in her mid 20's looking & smiling at me on the other side of the carriage. I (obviously) smiled back & she proceeded to make her way through the packed carriage until she was standing right in front of me....me of course thinking "I've pulled here". Before I could open my mouth, she started singing GOSPEL songs at me & everybody on the carriage stopped what they were doing & looked at us. I could even here one or two people sniggering. To cut a long story short.....I jumped off at the next station & (thankfully) she did NOT.
(, Fri 30 May 2008, 17:01, Reply)

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