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This is a question Pure Fury

A friend's dad once stormed up to me and threatened to "punch your stupid face in" because I pointed a camera at him. I was 11. Have you ever done something innocent or made a harmless joke that ended in threats to your person? Tell us about it.

Thanks to Skullfunkerry for the suggestion

(, Thu 26 Sep 2013, 12:28)
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I was once sitting in the living room of my friend's parent's house, waiting for him to get ready to go out.
I was making small talk with his Mum while his Dad was going mental with someone on the phone in the kitchen.

I remember the line 'I don't fucking care Terry, I've had enough. If he does it again I'm smashing the cunt's wrists with a hammer!' while he appeared to be slamming every single drawer and cupboard he could find. He then went into the back garden and hurled a white plastic garden chair onto the roof of the shed.

His Mum looked suitably embarrassed.

I brought this up in the pub later and was told that Terry was the guy across the road and they'd been discussing the window cleaner, the cause of frustration being his habit of reaching through the kitchen window to put the now empty cup of tea he'd been offered straight into the sink.

I'd have done his ankles too, the cunt!
(, Mon 30 Sep 2013, 19:37, 1 reply)
What is the matter with the man?
Everyone knows that offering the domestics a cuppa just invites trouble. You have to insist that they face the wall when you walk past and never speak unless spoken to.
(, Mon 30 Sep 2013, 22:58, closed)

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