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This is a question I Quit!

Scaryduck writes, "I celebrated my last day on my paper round by giving everybody next door's paper, and the house at the end 16 copies of the Maidenhead Advertiser. And I kept the delivery bag. That certainly showed 'em."

What have you flounced out of? Did it have the impact you intended? What made you quit in the first place?

(, Thu 22 May 2008, 12:15)
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Teams... Why does everyone bother?
So, i shall explain in the usual way.

After having been in this team for a good 5 years (Since the initial conception of it) i thought it was a pretty good team, helping each other get through things.

However,.. that was about to change.

So now, after 5 years i've told the team in a polite way that i quit, after all they had chucked off everyone who had been there for 5 years, the long timers, in favour of inexperianced players with less than one month under there belt.

"But we still want you to re-apply" .. Um hello, try telling that to the rest of us who are slowly grinding our battle axe, ready to do you in.

"Will you not re-apply?" Fuck no we won't, we want you to learn the exceptionally hard way, and come back to us basically begging for us to re-join you (even then, we still won't).

So, fuck you SETAS fuck you with a massive arse barge!
(, Sun 25 May 2008, 22:25, 6 replies)
I've read this twice now
And I still don't understand it.
(, Mon 26 May 2008, 0:14, closed)
Likewise, but I put it down to being drunk...

I'll try again in the morning and see what my brain does with it then.
(, Mon 26 May 2008, 0:30, closed)
I'm perfectly sober
and I don't get it in the slightest either.
(, Mon 26 May 2008, 0:33, closed)
I think
that there was a team at the workplace, it's been the same team for a number of years until recently where lots of people have been replaced suddenly, now the OP is quitting as the work environment and atmosphere has changed and they're not longer giving each other friendly reach arounds. I think.

I might be mistaken.
(, Mon 26 May 2008, 1:35, closed)
I thought it was
an amateur sports team, not related to work.
(, Mon 26 May 2008, 3:25, closed)
Correct lads.
Yeah, it was an amature team i had been a part of for my hobby (See, Karma question).

had been with em for 5 years since it was created, and last night they chucked the majority of us off, for inexperianced players.
(, Mon 26 May 2008, 15:22, closed)

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