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This is a question Racist grandparents

It Came From Planet Aylia says: "My husband's mad Auntie Joan accused the man seven doors down of stealing her milk as he was the first black neighbour she had. She doesn't even get her milk delivered." Tell us about casual racism from oldies.

Thanks to Brayn Dedd who suggested this too

(, Thu 27 Oct 2011, 11:54)
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My late Grandfather hailed from Belfast, but moved to South London after the war.
He was surprisingly open minded when it came to the 'local coloured chaps', never had a bad word to say about them, and would often cook us exotic 'Caribbean' food, and he was the only relative not to talk to Mrs Quackblast, who is Korean, as if she was retarded upon being introduced to her.
Not very racist so far, eh?
However, get him going on Catholics and all sorts of 'not to be used in front of Children of our age' words would be used, causing Mum to roll her eyes and change the subject. Hopefully not on to Germans though.
'Uncultured Savages. Always hated 'em, even before the war. That's why I volunteered to man the anti aircraft guns at the shipyard. So I could shoot them'.
All this pales into insignificance compared to his hatred of the Portuguese. I'm not sure why, it was never explained. He even went as far as to tell me to 'Fuck off' when I told him I knew the Portuguese for 'Parrot'.
(, Thu 27 Oct 2011, 13:35, 1 reply)
'Fuck off' when I told him I knew the Portuguese for 'Parrot'.
Best reply ever. Have a click
(, Thu 27 Oct 2011, 15:50, closed)

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