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This is a question Racist grandparents

It Came From Planet Aylia says: "My husband's mad Auntie Joan accused the man seven doors down of stealing her milk as he was the first black neighbour she had. She doesn't even get her milk delivered." Tell us about casual racism from oldies.

Thanks to Brayn Dedd who suggested this too

(, Thu 27 Oct 2011, 11:54)
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A righteous, right on, young, Draino
Had occasion to pull his grandfather up on the use of the word "spook" I told him "That is racist" to which he replied
"I aint racist, I just don't like black people"
(Which, as it turns out was true).
(, Sat 29 Oct 2011, 11:56, 6 replies)
Top Cat got pulled from the TV for a number of years
because there was a character called Spook who just happened to sound like a harlem jazz hep-cat. They seemed to get away with using it in Back To The Future as well but as they were representing 50s America it was probably argued that they were just representing typical urban attitudes back then.
(, Sat 29 Oct 2011, 12:32, closed)
Useless Trivia:
In Amerkia, the BBC drama Spooks is renamed MI5 to avoid confusion/offence.
(, Sat 29 Oct 2011, 13:10, closed)

(, Sat 29 Oct 2011, 13:24, closed)
Well, yes.
But he's one of them benders.
(, Sat 29 Oct 2011, 13:54, closed)
He should've maybe remembered his own words on the subject
When talking about the whole 'Jan Moir - Stephen Gately' shitstorm. Not that he wasn't within his rights to be offended by it, but still - it does kind of weaken the message. The massive hypocritical bumder
(, Sun 30 Oct 2011, 1:41, closed)
this implies to me that the apparent remake of Rentaghost in the states
will probably not incorporate the original theme music. From memory 'We've got freaks and ghouls, and spooks and fools...at Rentaghost'
(, Sat 29 Oct 2011, 13:38, closed)

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