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This is a question Road Trip

Gather round the fire and share stories of epic travels. Remember this is about the voyage, not what happened when you got there. Any of that shite and you're going in the fire.

Suggestion by Dr Preference

(, Thu 14 Jul 2011, 22:27)
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Amsterdam 1994
We use to go to 'The Dam' as a rite of passage on our respective birthdays. There was 4 of us in all. We had a wail of a time on a long weekend, taking in the humours and sights (naked bloke cycling down a cobbled street at 3am on a bike with no tyres is a particular one). Anyway, the last day, we were all skint except for 'sensible Adrian' who, as usual had sponged off everyone all weekend, only to produce a bit of cash on the last day. Which he duly spent on hash (for himself) and a bottle of best Thunderbird. So we were kicked out of the hotel at 11am and the flight wasn't till 7pm ,so off to Vondel Park to watch the world go by and a few free rock bands play there. I was a scorcher, really, really hot, to whit, Adrian, who, BTW had suffered from and impacted bowel most of our stay, an impacted bowel to the extent, the nurse at the hospital, where he visited several times, had asked if he was some sort of 'special English' pervert who enjoyed being fisted whilst shouting 'no, its further up,nurse!' as they searched for the phantom poop.
I digress, Adrian who tucked into his spliff and super strength wine with gusto. We sailed through customs with Adrian visiting the toilet on several unsuccessful occasions and boarded the plane. We didnt know but a symptom of an impacted bowel is dehydration, as Ade had been quaffing to himself in 80f sun all day, he was rather dried out. as the plane de pressurised as it came into Birmingham poor old greedy/pervy Ade had a seizure, not a massive one, just one of his 'moments' really.
We all got marched off the plane at Brum, Ade got stretchered off. I got strip searched after a '..hope they dont find that 'kilo of coke' in his stomach' jibe (I was very young at the time) all in all it was one of our 'Holiday History' moments. I could go on about the 'Jolly Boys' japes. Many more like that, no really, there is :(
(, Sat 16 Jul 2011, 22:11, Reply)

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