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This is a question Rogues, Villains and Eccentrics

My current toilet book is Brewer's classic encyclopedia of the same name, listing some of the great British nutters down the ages. Let's create a B3TA version based on the dodgy people you've met

(, Thu 27 Sep 2012, 13:43)
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I recently found a book for sale
that detailed how to drive in the UAE. Not the official rules, mind you, but the crazy shit that you see some of the more flamboyant drivers here pulling- weaving through traffic, zooming through the back roads of the populated areas to avoid traffic, flying across three lanes of traffic at a roundabout to exit regardless of the mayhem left in the wake.

It was called "Roads, Villages and Exit Tricks."
(, Thu 4 Oct 2012, 10:05, 2 replies)
That was bad
but I wholeheartedly agree with driving in the UAE; I did about 600 miles recently visiting sites in Ras al Khaimah and Fujairah. Drivers there seemed almost considerate in comparison to those in Dubai and Sharjah.
(, Thu 4 Oct 2012, 10:21, closed)
Mostly what I've experienced
has been guys in Maseratis and BMWs and Mercedes showing off by doing things that would get them pulled for reckless driving in the US, but here they just have cameras to record your speeding violations and you pay a fine. No cops chase you down.

However, if you run a red light they'll impound your car, take your license for three months and jail you for a month. I heard of an American who did this while owing for his Ferrari and when he got out of jail he had lost his car, his job and all of his possessions. He left here flat broke with nothing.

There are some things where they really don't fuck around.
(, Thu 4 Oct 2012, 10:46, closed)

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