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This is a question Sacked

I've never been sacked (yet)... One company I worked for made everyone redundant on Valentine's Day. The boss handed out little envelopes. We all thought he'd bought us cards and were really touched.

...but I've never been sacked. What have you done that led to your dismissal? Are you still bitter, or was it a fair cop?

(, Thu 23 Feb 2006, 13:23)
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Beat this
Moved across country to take part in a business with a 'friend'. For the first year, worked for piss wages, because the business was just starting--developing "sweat equity", you see. For the second year, was told we didn't have money to pay me, but, never fear, she'd make me part-owner for my trouble.

Worked for free for 'friend', all the while working a shite job to support myself. This means that I worked seven days a week with rarely more than 10 hours off between shifts at either job.

After a small row over a piddly little sum ($300 American), she decided that this "wasn't working out" and changed the locks on the business, effectively sacking me. Totally forgetting that shed promised to make me part owner. Totally forgetting that I'd been working like a dog, for free, for months.

I did find a better job within days of her sacking me. The silver lining to the whole experience taught me that the man I was dating WAS in fact an absolute gem, because the only way anyone would stay with a woman who was as crazy as I was from all that work would be because they're there for the long haul. We're still together.
(, Tue 28 Feb 2006, 18:10, Reply)

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