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This is a question Sexual Disasters

We've all been there. Tormented by Mr Floppy. Unable to find a condom at 3am. Getting cramp just when you're getting a rhythm on. A 10/10 at 1am who mysteriously becomes into a swamp donkey at 10am. The walk of shame. Tell us the tales of your sexual disasters. We won't judge.

(, Thu 19 Mar 2015, 17:49)
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I was in a bar in Seattle, not really looking to pull, when she started whispering in my ear "If I get you home I'm going to do such things to you, you wouldn't believe"
but she was a slightly overweight liar. During sex, she mainly lay there like a stunned mullet while I did most of the work. False advertising, I thought.
On the way back from the bar to her place she drove her pickup through two red lights then stopped at a liquor store and asked me if I had money for a six pack. "I need to go to an ATM" I said and she screamed in frustration. Maybe that should have been a warning.
I woke in the morning and left while she snored. I had no wish to make conversation with her. It was six am. Dogs were barking at me. I was in the suburbs. I had no idea where I was.
(, Mon 23 Mar 2015, 8:18, 1 reply)
Fatties are usually such triers as well.

(, Mon 23 Mar 2015, 10:50, closed)

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