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This is a question Things you've done when you've had no money.

Apart from the usual survival rations of beans, white bread and Doll Noodles™, we've all done things to compensate for having no money. Personally I spent 6 months barefoot to save on the cost of shoes. What pathetic things have you done when the cash ran out?

(, Fri 8 Oct 2004, 9:34)
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It was all true
In my darkest hours I did

1. Existed solely on a diet of Spaghetti Curry or Rice Bolognase, with ingedients frankensteined out of whatever was left in the cupboard. My lowest point was a tomato-and-water sauce and bread substiting for meat. Or starving myself all dayand then having a Pot Noodle sandwich in two loaves of bread. Which is even sadder than it sounds.

2. Cleaned out all my childhood bank accounts, which provided the tidy sum of £1.43. As I said "I'd like to withdraw one fourty three please", the woman behind the counter said "One hundred and forty three pounds?". I wish. Such a figure was a virtual paradise.

3. In order to get into gigs I'd make up imaginary fanzines, ring up the press office, get guestlist tickets, then forget to send in a copy of my non-existent 'zine.

4. A friend of mine used to order CD's off a well-known Internet Retailer in it's infancy. He'd claim the CD wasn't delivered, and they'd send a second one. He'd rotate addresses, names, credit cards, and so forth, and Bingo! Free CD's, off to Ebay for cash. The numbskull. They are considerably wiser now, I hope. He certainly is.

5. When doing The Great Indie Band Tours of 1991-92, friends of mine would find and sleep with a good looking bloke in the crowd so they didn't have to pay for hotels, or get the blokes to buy them drinks at the dodgy nightclub so they didn't have to sleep anywhere and get the 5am train. I was perpetual Mr-Hanger-On The-Girls-Knew who got the sofa, everytime.
(, Sun 10 Oct 2004, 3:34, Reply)

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