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This is a question Slang Survey

What new bit of language are you hearing at the moment? We want to hear words and phrases, with definitions and where it's being used. We're interested in marketing speak, stuff from kids in playgrounds etc.

(, Sun 1 Feb 2004, 14:00)
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Slang Survey
Two things:
I've got builders cavorting outside my council flat in deepest, darkest Bermondsey, and they call each other 'twonk' if they say something dumb or make a mistake. Eg: "You dropped the cunting spanner, you twonk"

Another thing is from my rather rough neice in Hastings, who insists that the latest method of getting even with other girls (should they snog a boyfriend) is the 'Tit Knock'. What you do is fold your arms nonchalantly and as you go past your enemy (usually female) you knock their tits with your elbow. Very painful apparently. You then run away shouting "tit knock, tit knock, tit knock".
(, Tue 3 Feb 2004, 19:47, Reply)

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