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This is a question Slang Survey

What new bit of language are you hearing at the moment? We want to hear words and phrases, with definitions and where it's being used. We're interested in marketing speak, stuff from kids in playgrounds etc.

(, Sun 1 Feb 2004, 14:00)
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Penis Pulling Bum Bandit - the classic.
Funboy - similar to PPBB.
Nob Jockey - same sort of thing.
Phil McKracken and the Lesbian Cockbenders - reference to classic LucasArts game.
Purple Elephant Patrol - gay/lesbian rights march.

For more queer references, why not see the classic book 'GAY SEX' by Irma Bumb Anditeso, Ben Dover & Takki Topar Eerend.

Also, a Pin Monkey is one of those people you see at bowling alleys who perform maintenance on the pin setting machines. Our local monkey has a massive jutting - out, sloping forehead, huge, dragging arms and a beard which you could farm goats in. He looks like a cross between Neanderthal Man and Gandalf.

Thank you and goodnight
(, Thu 5 Feb 2004, 19:07, closed)

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