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This is a question Slang Survey

What new bit of language are you hearing at the moment? We want to hear words and phrases, with definitions and where it's being used. We're interested in marketing speak, stuff from kids in playgrounds etc.

(, Sun 1 Feb 2004, 14:00)
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I have recently developed a really bad habit of refering to people of different races using a sterotypical first name plus a bastardized last name that includes a slang term for their race or sterotype.

black = Leroy McSpookereton, etc
hebrew = Gladys Jewschitz, etc
asian = Ling Ling McChinkerton, etc
gay = Joshua Von Fagensburg, etc
latin = Jose McSpickerton, etc

I apparently picked this up and warped it from a couple of Friends episodes.
(, Thu 5 Feb 2004, 22:55, closed)

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