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This is a question Tantrums

Pooster says: "When we were younger my little brother had a tantrum which ended when he threw a fork and it stuck in my other brother's cheek for a bit." Tell us your tales of screaming kids, and adults acting like children.

(, Thu 19 Jul 2012, 12:48)
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So once I thought - "Is there a place?"
Somewhere to tell your mundane life
Your routine, normal, dullard strife
In moribund normality?

And then I found b3ta
An output for frustrated ire
An output for those bound by dire
Constrictions of reality.

How I embraced the open minded
Venting of dulled humanity
The loose grip on the sanity
That modern life enforces

Slowly the scales fell from my eyes
The sanctity which I once saught
Despoiled by those who grimly wraught
The posts of "I love horses."

Iconoclasts! The lot of 'em
I brought my presence to O/T
A welcoming community
For those of thoughtful leaning

Now what is this I subscribe to?
Disharmony and rage
A battle for the popular page
Disturbing and demeaning

There was a creativity
A pride in what we wrote
Always the better anecdote
The celebrated story

And now we are reduced to this
The dull and sychophant
A hollow, empty, lonely rant
(, Wed 25 Jul 2012, 20:10, 6 replies)
This is totes being forwarded to my good buddy Craig Raine.

(, Wed 25 Jul 2012, 20:52, closed)
you are not Philip Larkin aicmfp.

(, Wed 25 Jul 2012, 23:02, closed)
in a sense, we are all Philip Larkin.
Even you.
(, Wed 25 Jul 2012, 23:13, closed)
fuck you.
you're not even my real mum and dad.
(, Wed 25 Jul 2012, 23:25, closed)
Top retort!
(, Wed 25 Jul 2012, 23:55, closed)

look at the time do you do anything else but post on B3ta?
(, Thu 26 Jul 2012, 9:01, closed)

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