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This is a question Teenage Parties

Ah, the heady days when catering consisted of a crate of lager and some vodka illicitly extracted by whoever looked oldest, decoration consisted of removing any breakable furniture and the morning after was just the morning and not the rest of the week.

Tell us who you snogged, where you threw up and who just would not leave.

(, Thu 13 Apr 2006, 10:20)
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Poor Sod
Greg's parties were always eventful - someone crying, someone having sex with someone they shouldn't, and copious amounts of drink.

It was new year, I was about 16, and we'd started off on the Stella before gradually moving to the vodka and Bacardi (all provided my Greg's kind parents). My boyfriend of the time wasn't a much of a drinker, but decided to let rip and consume loads, seemingly unaware of how many people he groped, dribbled on and talked utter shit to. It came to countdown time,and we were all so carried away we forgot about the poor sod until 3, 2, 1, Bleeeeeerrrrrrggghhhhhhh!!!! With excellent timing, he threw up right on the bongs of big ben. Someone prodded me and said "Eerrr, I think you'd better see to your boyfriend, he's not well." I look over to see him leaning over a huge, steaming pile of extremely sour-smelling vom. Even in his drunken state, he had thoughtfully managed to aim the sick in an empty pizza box on the floor.

We folded it up, and ran over to the park at the end of Greg's estate in order to chuck it over the fence into the canal. I lobbed it too far, and out of the darkness came a manly shriek of horror, followed by an 'Oh my Goooodddd!!!"

We legged it, wondering if ever there could be a worse start to the year than being attacked by flying vomit.
(, Thu 13 Apr 2006, 22:17, Reply)

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