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This is a question Well, that taught 'em

Sammi Evil Nice writes "I shared with two students, and it was always the same; whenever it was near to paytime, my milk *and only this* would disappear.

One of them, John, was a lovely bloke but allergic to nuts. John makes tea. Soon after, John starts swelling up.

ME: Runs, administers epi-pen. "You're going into anaphalactic shock."
HIM: "How do you know?"
ME: "I put almond oil in my milk."

What have you done to teach somebody a lesson?

(, Thu 26 Apr 2007, 14:54)
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judo suits
one day when I was very, VERY young, like nursery school young, my brothers decided to put me and my best friend (who was male) into their old judo suits and make us fight each other (this sounds dodgy). However, cause we were young and weak they didn't think any real damage would come from it... however, I got told to cross my arms, so I did, then, my friend proceeded to kick me in the vagina, and fuck me, it hurt.

that seriously taught me never, EVER to cross my arms when battling in judo suits.
(, Sun 29 Apr 2007, 20:23, Reply)

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