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This is a question The Naughty Step

When was the last time you were told off? Tell us about memorable punishments you've experienced, or damn good ones you've dished out

(, Thu 7 Feb 2013, 12:14)
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Got a bollocking a few years back from management
as I'd managed to obtain a jpeg photo of one of the guys from our team and using the skills of MS Paint stuck his head on a pic of Mr Chips from Catchphrase being fucked up the ass. Then I emailed it to the team in the guise of a training document. This wasn't the first time (see fig 1a) so a meeting was called for with my immediate manager.

As I was getting the talk-down the boss would occasionally glance back at the email with the pic on it and piss herself laughing, while I sat there quietly not helping by saying stuff like "This bollocking's not going too well, focus on me here not the evidence, there's a victim involved."

In the end, rather than me getting a disciplinary it was decided I could carry on, as long as I did the rest of the team too to keep it fair. She was a good boss :)
(, Thu 7 Feb 2013, 22:00, Reply)

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