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This is a question Being told off as an adult

When was the last time you were properly told off? You know: treated as an errant child rather than the sophisticated adult you are.

The sort of thing that dredges up an involuntary teenage mumble of "Sorry, Miss" whilst you stare at the ground.

Go on, tell us what childish thing you were up to when you got caught.

Oh, and can we have more than one-line answers this time? Cheers!

(, Thu 20 Sep 2007, 17:18)
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Not too long ago my eldest lad was playing football in the street. The nearest park is too far away for him to go on his own in the current paedo epidemic.

The ball lands in old german bastards front garden so my lad walks in the garden and picks it up.

Cue the old fascist ,who had probably been waiting for this all day, to storm out of his house as though the football was some kind of jew egg and take the ball back into his house.

My lad knocks the door and politely asks for it back.

"you can have it back after i have put a knife through it" he screams as though he was asking for his papers at a checkpoint.

My lad is in tears and reports back to me with what has happened.

I do what any father would do and go round there to sort him out.

"if you are going to put a knife through that ball because it lands in your garden, I am will put a knife through your cat and nail it to your door the next time it shits in my garden"

That told him. Fucking german cunt. And we got the ball back.
(, Fri 21 Sep 2007, 16:44, closed)

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