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This is a question Travel

I've had guns pointed at me in many different countries, sometimes even by our own side. I've also sat on my own on a beach on a desert island, which was nice because nobody was trying to shoot me. Tell us your tales of foreign travel.

Thanks to SnowytheRabbit for the suggestion

(, Thu 18 Apr 2013, 17:43)
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Things I've done in shitty countries.
Let's see now.

Togo. Hid under a table in a restaurant while 100 pissed and crazy Lebanese people threw punches and a fair few glasses and bottles at each other.

Ghana. Driving into the countryside, had 3 punctures and the driver had to take the spare off for repair. Was suddenly surrounded by practically naked locals, thought I was going to be eaten, but they just wanted to sell me some yams.

Yemen. Went to a restaurant and they just dumped the food straight onto the table, no plates, nothing (fish, rice, some manky looking vegetables), and we ate it with our hands.

China. Chinese guy I was traveling with thought it funny to order frogs heads and other dodgy looking shit for every meal. I found out how to order sweet and sour pork, rice and beer, and had that three times a day for 10 days.

Russia. Internal Aeroflot flight, found chair was not bolted to floor. Stewardess too busy having a whip round of passengers for fuel to do anything about it.

Brazil. Went out to play in a 9,000 horsepower tugboat in Santos (mostly driven by someone else), got told to 'pack it in' over VHF radio by port control when I made a 90 foot high rooster tail of water behind the tug as we were passing a 60,000 ton container ship.

And about a million others.
(, Mon 22 Apr 2013, 10:10, 4 replies)

Egypt. Went to meet someone, had one of their delicious dark coffees. Went on to several other meetings, went back to first guys office, who is laughing.


"It's still there!"

"What is?"

"This morning you stuck your nose in the coffee when you drunk it, but I didn't tell you. The end of your nose is still brown".
(, Mon 22 Apr 2013, 10:14, closed)
man fails to wash nose.

(, Mon 22 Apr 2013, 14:40, closed)
Ae you still pissed
off about the hearse links?
(, Tue 23 Apr 2013, 12:54, closed)
I was a fan of the hearse links

(, Wed 24 Apr 2013, 12:26, closed)

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