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This is a question Unexpected Good Fortune

Travelling through Seattle a good 15 years ago, I remembered an old friend I used to blow up Action Men with. We were bored, nothing to lose , so I looked him up in the phonebook. He was the only one of that name in there. "Come and stay," goes he.

Me and my mates were living in a car at that point so a bed was a novelty. After searching for a while, we rock up to a very posh mansion on Puget Sound with its own Helipad. "Come flying," goes he.

Has your luck held out recently?

(, Thu 14 Sep 2006, 18:43)
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15p night out
Was particularly skint one night, and everyone was gearing to go out on the piss. It was the day before payday, and I was unhappy to tell everyone that for another 24 hours my drinking tote was approximately 67 pence.

Fair do's to the lads; never leave a man behind enemy lines. They dragged me into town and all bought me a pint each. This was happily enough to get me a bit legless in itself, but when I tried 50p in a fruit machine and won £25, that cheered me up no end.

Got plastered, big kebab and taxi home, with 52p change ringing in me pocket the next morning.

God bless the lads :D

Also; one night out I decided to call it a night (as I had cab-fare left), and one of the aforementioned lads called Blonde Johnny decided to keep me out a bit longer, as he'd just had his bonus in. He had to get a taxi in my direction so he convinced me to drink me taxi-money and get a cab back with him later.

On the way to the taxi rank Johnny decides to get some munch, and takes us into the local "Donate-A-Kebab", to purchase some sweaty delight. He opts for the King Size, costing about £8 and full of pretty much anything. In my drunken state, I'm looking at this and starting to dribble a bit, so Johnny kindly buys me some chips too. We stumble about 10 yards up the road, then Johnny starts staring at me chips.

"Wanna swopsies? Those chips look great."

"Errr, ok then."

Free King Size Kebab and taxi-ride home, was awesome. I can also remember me not quite being able to finish this monumental meal, so I threw half of it over the local social club windows. Awww bless :D
(, Mon 18 Sep 2006, 17:46, Reply)

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