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This is a question Unexpected Good Fortune

Travelling through Seattle a good 15 years ago, I remembered an old friend I used to blow up Action Men with. We were bored, nothing to lose , so I looked him up in the phonebook. He was the only one of that name in there. "Come and stay," goes he.

Me and my mates were living in a car at that point so a bed was a novelty. After searching for a while, we rock up to a very posh mansion on Puget Sound with its own Helipad. "Come flying," goes he.

Has your luck held out recently?

(, Thu 14 Sep 2006, 18:43)
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Lucky Doggy
Many years ago in our first house we decided the "family" would not be complete without a little bundle of woofing fun. So we visited the local puppy pound to rehome a waif or stray. One lovely little labrador/rotweiler cross who had been badly treated by his male owner leapt out at us all doughy eyed and dribbly, Thats the one we thought and home we went. Not quite house trained, he was kept in the downstairs kitchen with a stairgate to avoid him marking his territory around the house. He was always very nervous around me and was constantly "letting by" if I got within six foot(not surprising as he used to be a punchbag for some twunt)but good as gold with Mrs.HF and the children. Any trust building he had with me dimished one cold dark winter morning at about 06:00. I came downstairs, stepped over the stairgate and lost my footing in a slightly warm squashy pile of 8hr old pedigree chum, over I went landing in various other "mines" to settle on my back with my boxers slowly soaking up something liquidy off the floor, it was then that the dog decided to "bond" and jump all over his master with varying degrees of wet, dried and slightly viscous sh*t still all over him, less than pleased and wretching heavily I pushed him off which meant he skidded across the floor clattering into the cupboards losing any faith he had mustered in me. For obvious reasons we had to find him another home. We chanced our arm as poor and warty at the time and advertised for a good family home in the paper £150. Had a call the night the advert went in, explained the problems but the family came and collected him anyway with us £150 richer. Unfotunately the poor dog wouldnt take to his new male owner and the family asked if we could take him back, We've spent the money we replied. "Oh,...will you take him back anyway?" they said. Reluctantly we did thinking we would have to consult a dog whisperer or alike. So back came the dog and within ten minutes phone rings again. "Still got the dog?"
Oh yes!
£300 made from a free collection puppy. Good home now with a lady and her fellow furry front bottom muncher, no men no problem! Still see the little fellow in the park sometimes!
(, Tue 19 Sep 2006, 14:10, Reply)

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