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This is a question Unexpected Good Fortune

Travelling through Seattle a good 15 years ago, I remembered an old friend I used to blow up Action Men with. We were bored, nothing to lose , so I looked him up in the phonebook. He was the only one of that name in there. "Come and stay," goes he.

Me and my mates were living in a car at that point so a bed was a novelty. After searching for a while, we rock up to a very posh mansion on Puget Sound with its own Helipad. "Come flying," goes he.

Has your luck held out recently?

(, Thu 14 Sep 2006, 18:43)
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Best Glasto Ever!!
Glasto 04 could not get hold of a ticket for love nor money. Friend of mine, who we will call Tim, contacts me out of the blue and says he has been given a spare ticket...result No. 1!! So off we go and have a right old time munching anything we could get our hands on that was naughty (saw a stall offering 'Poke' at £10 a pop?!?).

Whilst loitering outside the dance tent getting nicely toasted on pear cider I put my hand out and pick up the most childishly fake 5 pound note i have ever seen. (Was basically just the number 5 drawn on toilet paper in wax crayon). After a quick look around find a pile of them, can't really be spent anywhere were people may have eyes, so off i wander into the dark cover of the dance tent and return with pocketfuls of naughtiness to keep us going.....result No. 2!!

Then comes to last day of Glasto and everyone is skint again with no real or phoney money when another acquaintance, who I will call Ilan, Kicks a wallet along the floor that has a reassuringly heavy sound. Picks it up to find another 10 'little fella's' 2 (I think) grams of Columbia’s finest and about £70....Result No.3!!

Lady luck was on her back with her legs akimbo for us that weekend......have vague memories about various bands/DJ's being good as well but they are kind of fuzzy......

Length?? Well its big enough to fill a pram!
(, Tue 19 Sep 2006, 14:42, Reply)

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