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This is a question Unexpected Good Fortune

Travelling through Seattle a good 15 years ago, I remembered an old friend I used to blow up Action Men with. We were bored, nothing to lose , so I looked him up in the phonebook. He was the only one of that name in there. "Come and stay," goes he.

Me and my mates were living in a car at that point so a bed was a novelty. After searching for a while, we rock up to a very posh mansion on Puget Sound with its own Helipad. "Come flying," goes he.

Has your luck held out recently?

(, Thu 14 Sep 2006, 18:43)
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The Telly
I entered a church raffle when I was ten... and won! The prize was a colour TV. This was quite a big deal in South Africa in 1978 - they'd only had TV at all since 1976, and the things were not cheap.
There was a catch, though: the TV was at another church, 200 miles away. We were at the north-west end of Natal (near Ladysmith), while the TV was on the coast south of Durban. This was an opportunity for the Nuns to go and hang out with other Nuns and do Nunnish things. (I suspected they "hung out" upside down in the church belfry, to be frank.)
So we all piled in to their van, my Dad driving, and a reasonably nice time was had by all. The TV itself was the stroke of luck, the envy of the neighbours, though it also served to show just how poor we were. These days even "the poor" have Sky+ and LCDs...
(, Tue 19 Sep 2006, 20:31, Reply)

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