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This is a question Starting something you couldn't finish

Finnbar says: I used to know a guy who tattooed LOVE across his left knuckles, but didn't tattoo HATE on the other knuckles because he was right-handed and realised he couldn't finish. Ever run out of skills or inspiration halfway through a job?

(, Thu 24 Jun 2010, 13:32)
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That's utterly ridiculous
everyone knows it's going to be zombies.
(, Mon 28 Jun 2010, 19:17, 2 replies)
Zombie Aliens! "Braaaaaiiinss, ark ark!"

(, Mon 28 Jun 2010, 20:38, closed)
I think you'll find...
That the Zombie Apocalypse comes after the Alien Holocaust.

Bloody amateurs. You'll be brain canapes before the first motherships have left orbit...
(, Mon 28 Jun 2010, 21:26, closed)
The Zombie Apocalypse (or "Zombocalypse") is in fact the first wave of the Alien Invasion, people! This isn't rocket science!
The aliens will disseminate the zombie virus in small amounts, randomly scattered around the world. There is no more efficient way of softening us up for the actual strike.
Have you read World War Z? Not only will the population, morale and infrastructure take a series of body-blows, but combating a full-blown zombocalypse will require a drastic reorganization of the military forces, with high technology and war machines being eschewed in favour of a back-to-basics approach, where rifle infantry are the keystone of every army - all but useless against the armoured and/or aerial targets the aliens would deploy.
(, Tue 29 Jun 2010, 10:24, closed)

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