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This is a question Vandalism

I got a load of chalk, felt-tip markers and paint from friends one Christmas in a thinly-veiled attempt to get me involved with their plan to vandalise the toilets at the local park. My downfall: Signing my name. Tell us your stories of anti-social behaviour.

Thanks to Bamboo Steamer for the suggestion

(, Thu 7 Oct 2010, 12:10)
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Not exactly vandalism but...a few years ago in Manchester there were some really strong gale force winds that managed to knock down trees, buildings and (strangely enough)... a small Chinese woman. Large parts of our roof came loose as well and at the time I was living in an old Victorian house with about 6 other people, the landlady got into a complete panic that one of the tiles might come loose and clonk one of us on the head whilst walking up the drive, so until she could get the builders round she borrowed some "crime scene" tape from one of her friends on the force in an attempt to stop unsuspecting visitors from walking up the drive and meeting an untimely death. Strange enough in itself, but the cherry on the cake was walking out of the house one morning on my way to work to find someone had drawn this…

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I love Manchester for so many reasons but the biggest and bestest part of it for me is the people and the brilliant sense of humor; I never wanted the rain to wash that off!
(, Fri 8 Oct 2010, 10:58, Reply)

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