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This is a question My Worst Vomit

We all love a drink. Some of us love them so much they want to see them again on the way out of their mouths. I once got caught by surprise by the boozy sickness while chatting to some friends in my kitchen. Quick as a flash I grabbed a nearby pan and chundered away merrily in it. Realising it was probably time for bed I staggered off to my room. Unfortunately, my co-ordination failed just as I reached the landing and I somersaulted down the entire flight of stairs with my saucepan full of vomit. Beat that!

(, Thu 19 Aug 2004, 21:00)
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Eleven pints of water....
After a night of heavy drinking, I beleive it was a russian or stock market themed night in halls, I was rather hammered. My 1st year medic friend decided to try and sober me up by drinking water.....

He then went on to make me drink 11 pints of water, as you may well know the stomach can hold about 3-4 pints of liquid. So about the 4th pint I was sick, pretty horrible booze related type. My friend then made me drink pint after pint of water, I seem to recall being sick after downing every pint. By the end of it I was vomiting cold water, and my stomach felt cold but strangely clean (and I had sobered up quite a lot)

Apparently the original plan was to make me down 10 pints in 30minutes, but because I was doing so well he went for an 11th. I managed it in 28 minutes.

for you americans, a british pint is larger than a US pint by about 20% :]
(, Fri 20 Aug 2004, 14:12, Reply)

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