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This is a question Your Weirdest Teacher

The strangest teacher at my school used to practice his lessons at night. We'd watch through the classroom windows as he did his entire lesson, complete with questions to the class and telling off misbehaving students.

Were your teachers as strange? Of course they were...

(, Wed 9 Nov 2005, 13:43)
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One stands out
In my 7th and 8th grade history classes I had the pleasure of having the same teacher twice. Mr. Driscoll was a superb teacher, but he was a bit.. off kilter.

Usually he's class was like any other social studies class, but on some days he would tell use we were all going to fail, or never get anywhere in life, throwing some of the biggest fits I've ever seen an adult throw. Once he was so upset he hit his desk. Again, nothing to weird about that, but he managed to break the table and his hand.

Like most the responses he seemed pervier then most teachers, constantly looking down girls shirts and what not. He also had a shirt which we thought was quite obiviously from a strip club.

Me and my friend always tried to out do each other on halloween costumes every year, and 8th grade was no different. He made an "elaborate" Osama bin Laden costume the year before, I wasn't going to stand to lose twice in a row. So my Mr. Driscoll costume was born. I started with a shirt and a "print your own shirt designs" paper. With my shirt proudly blazing "CHA-CHA CLUB" I set out to give the illusion of chest hair and underarm stains, and finishing it all off with a playboy. In a weird coincidence he wore his "Cha-Cha Club" shirt that "halloween" schoolday. (In case you were wondering, I enjoyed the candy bar my friend bought me.)

In an unrelated note he walked in on Jessica Swallows (I swear to god, her real name) and some guy with their pants down in his classroom.
(, Wed 9 Nov 2005, 18:20, Reply)

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