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This is a question Your Weirdest Teacher

The strangest teacher at my school used to practice his lessons at night. We'd watch through the classroom windows as he did his entire lesson, complete with questions to the class and telling off misbehaving students.

Were your teachers as strange? Of course they were...

(, Wed 9 Nov 2005, 13:43)
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Hi, my name is pgfcello and I'm an alcoholic
Well that's what this QOTW feels like, not that I've ever been, mindey.

Disturbing memories I have but a few:

Chemistry teacher took great pleasure in belittling us little'uns with large helpings of sarcasm and seeking out insecurities, just like the Pink Floyd teacher.

Form master once punched me in the ribs knocking the wind out of me, and while I was writhing on the floor, kicked me in the head, bless'im.

And finally my music teacher who hated me intensely. Not viciously, but in a disturbingly cold and sneaky way. (Remember those teachers who were always right and you were always wrong?) I still have nightmares about him. Worst thing is that he was a bloody priest. One nightmare culminated in his head morphing into a devil's.

But reading some of the comments here, I had it pretty easy.
(, Mon 14 Nov 2005, 23:56, Reply)

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