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This is a question What could have been?

insomniac-surfer asks "Ever turn down a job or didn't buy shares that could have made you rich and possibly famous?
Tell us what you did or didn't do that could have turned out possibly life changing."

(, Fri 2 Oct 2015, 8:28)
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I was once offered a job in Stevenage.
I turned it down as it was in fucking Stevenage.
(, Fri 2 Oct 2015, 9:33, 6 replies)
Never mind Stevenage
I turned one down in SWINDON.

You can imagine the regret that I've felt ever since.
(, Fri 2 Oct 2015, 9:58, closed)

(, Fri 2 Oct 2015, 10:22, closed)
I still Google pictures of 'Magic Roundabout Swindon' and weep.

(, Fri 2 Oct 2015, 11:28, closed)
The Plough in Hemel is better - 1 extra roundabout better.
Both pale in comparison to Britain's first ever roundabout, in Letchworth.
(, Fri 2 Oct 2015, 12:11, closed)
Really? Fucking hell why wasn't I informed of this?
They tried to lure me in with their talk of roundabouts - and there are better roundabouts elsewhere? CANTS!
(, Fri 2 Oct 2015, 13:19, closed)
At least
it wasn't slough. Or cracknell.... ;)
(, Mon 5 Oct 2015, 20:10, closed)

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