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This is a question Winning

I once won a gas boiler from The Guardian. Tell us about times you've won, and the excellent and/or crappy prizes you've lifted.

Suggested by dazbrilliantwhites

(, Thu 28 Apr 2011, 14:08)
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Pretending I'm doing well...
As a Teenager, I had a remarkable run of success at winning competitions in "Smash Hits" Magazine. May have been something to do with their habit of asking entrants to send their answers in on something "wacky". As my parents ran a Post Office, postage costs were no barrier, so a succession of catering sized tins of baked beans, giant cut outs and A1 sized postcards made their way to London.

But even I was surprised when the postman walked in with Freddie Mercury under his arm. Er, not THE Freddie Mercury, but a life-size cardboard cut out used in the video for "The Great Pretender". Complete with a tyre mark across his head and a postmark on his shoulder. So what's a boy to do with a life-sized cutout of Freddie Mercury? That would probably make a good question of the week for next time.
(, Thu 28 Apr 2011, 18:39, Reply)

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