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This is a question Workplace Boredom

There's got to be more to your working day than loafing around the internet, says tfi049113. How do you fill those long, empty desperate hours?

(, Thu 8 Jan 2009, 12:18)
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I work in a kitchen..
Actually, with a fairly impressively titled - if low paid - position. Being a chef in a fine-dining restaurant is like being in the army - you spend most of your time bored shitless doing mundane tasks and a small percentage of your time frantic, run off your feet, being yelled and and highly stressed out.
It's during the quiet times that plenty of fun and dangerous games have been invented to pass the time. They include:

Spraying cooking spray into your hand, lighting it on fire and throwing it at unsuspecting kitchen-hands and waitresses.

Battering and deep-frying various edible and inedible objects to see what happens. FYI, battered marshmallows are to die for, battered sugarcubes don't turn into toffee, and battered icecubes spit oil at you and cause severe burns.

Creating fireballs by heating oil in a skillet for a good 20 minutes, until you get some nice blue flames, dropping it in the sink and spraying it with water. There are clips on youtube which I can't be bothered to look up..

And recently, finding a believable excuse to be outside for a minute and then returning with a couple of snowballs to throw across the kitchen.

Also, regular 'safety meetings' which usually involve going outside for a smoke or sneaking tequilla shots from the bar.
(, Sun 11 Jan 2009, 1:02, 1 reply)
I like your work ethic, well done!
(, Sun 11 Jan 2009, 1:24, closed)

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