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This is a question Workplace Boredom

There's got to be more to your working day than loafing around the internet, says tfi049113. How do you fill those long, empty desperate hours?

(, Thu 8 Jan 2009, 12:18)
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I work at an airport
and thanks to the 'credit crunch' there's been a noticeable drop in the amount of work in Baggage Handling, leaving me and my mate Bob plenty of time to piss about.

On Friday, we decided to race baggage carts between gates 31 and 32. First one around the undercarriage and back wins.

We were neck and neck coming up to the nose gear, so I tried to swing across and give Bob a dead arm.

Bob saw what was coming, and swerved out of the way... right into the fucking Airbus.

There's a massive gash in the fuselage, and we're both on suspension :(
(, Wed 14 Jan 2009, 16:39, 7 replies)
Oooh, topical!
Although I heard that you and Bob got arrested... *coughs*
(, Wed 14 Jan 2009, 16:42, closed)
hahahahaha, fucking hell :)
Just as well one of them didn't have a "red shell", that airbus would've been toast
(, Wed 14 Jan 2009, 17:07, closed)
total fuckup there innit

(, Wed 14 Jan 2009, 21:55, closed)
Pulitzer Prize-winning stuff from the BBC's Ben Ando:
"Had it got into the air with this damage it is difficult to know what could have happened - the worst case could have been a catastrophic decompression of the plane causing it to crash.

On the other hand something more controlled could have taken place - perhaps there was no real damage at all."

Well, make your fucking mind up.

Mind you, I did like the bit about "police did not believe the incident was terrorism-related.".
(, Thu 15 Jan 2009, 10:54, closed)
you spectacular mong
(, Wed 14 Jan 2009, 19:18, closed)
(, Wed 14 Jan 2009, 21:54, closed)
This is brilliant
I hope you get away with it :-/
(, Thu 15 Jan 2009, 3:47, closed)

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