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This is a question The worst sex I ever had

OK, enough of the fluffy.

What's the worst sex you've ever had?

(, Fri 15 Jun 2007, 10:41)
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Got caught mid-bonk :(
Met up with this Dental Nurse in a nightclub in Swansea about 10 years back, and went back to hers where we had some fun. A few weeks later we meet up again in the same club, and things start to get a bit frisky. We leave and go to one of the quiet roads behind the club, find this solitory bush and behind it start getting it on.

I'm there mid-pump, and I happen to notice that for some bizarre reason there is a spotlight shining on my ass. We stop, look around to find a parked up police car and the passenger copper holding a torch, while the nurse was holding mine. I burst out laughing and tell them to fuck off, which rather surprisingly they do, and the Joeystick immediately droops out of sheer embarrasement.

Didn't really see her again after that...
(, Fri 15 Jun 2007, 10:52, Reply)

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