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This is a question The worst sex I ever had

OK, enough of the fluffy.

What's the worst sex you've ever had?

(, Fri 15 Jun 2007, 10:41)
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Hi Tiggythediver!
...I had to get a new user name to try and hide my identity...

Here goes:
*In the toilets of a club in Bradford. Classy.
*After a gig in London - I'd had so many JD-cokes that I had to keep stopping to go puke bright orange lumps. The guy was so drunk that he dribbled all over me & wouldn't let me go to sleep. At some point we went to the shower and pissed on each other.
*Drunk at work. He had a minute cock.
*Drunk against a car, for about 20seconds.

Hmm, ok I'll stop there. I've had some great sex too though ;-)


PS Anal sex is good - but don't EVER try and put it in and then say you *slipped* We will notice, and may return the favour.
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