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This is a question The worst sex I ever had

OK, enough of the fluffy.

What's the worst sex you've ever had?

(, Fri 15 Jun 2007, 10:41)
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Just a quickie ... badum-tis!
The bad ones have been few and far between, thank goodness, but I do recall:

- The 18-y-o with the body of a young goddess, the brains to match and the sexual prowess of ... an inexperienced 18-year-old, i.e. none at all. Pity.

- The 28-y-o with the body of a full-on goddess and a dirty mind to go with it, who, however, could only come if she was in exactly "that" position, frigging herself with her hand while I pumped away at exactly the right rhythm ... sigh. The foreplay and early humping were always fantastic. Then she'd decide it was time to come and it turned into hard work.

- The chick who was always up for it but who was so ticklish I wasn't allowed to touch her while we were doing it for fear of her convulsive and compulsive defensive moves which included punching and rolling over in a manner prone to removing the dicks of unsuspecting new players.

Thank God Mrs. Ebay is none of the above!
(, Wed 20 Jun 2007, 12:47, Reply)

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