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» Embarrassing Injuries

An injury I caused.....
....I stabbed my ex in the eye with a knife, at the dinner table, right in front of her parents.

I did oh yes. It was a complete accident and her dogs fault because the little bugger jumped up at me and scared me to death causing me to swing my arm, which had the knfe in it's hand, in a random direction. Caught my ex about 2 cms above her eye. Oh it could have been so much worse.....

(oh and her parents didn't notice and when they were told - they laughed. And they were German, and her dad a police detective...who says Germans have no sense of humour? Lovely people methinks)
(Fri 3rd Sep 2004, 12:37, More)

» Stuff You've Overheard

....American again. In County Clare back home (Ireland) there's a great castle called Bunratty, built in 1200s or something like that which is a tourist place to go etc. There's a road that runs alongside it for access for tourists and the like.

Overheard American tourists: Why'd they build the castle so close to the road?

(Thu 10th Jun 2004, 11:23, More)

» Lies Your Parents Told You

A lie and a comeback :-)
When I was younger, we were driving through the Kerry (county in southern Ireland) countryside when I saw a herd of cows grazing on a steep hill.

My dad remarked that they could walk easily on the hill as they had two legs shorter on one side than on the other.

Slightly confused I asked him "what happens when they turn around?"

He didn't have an answer. Hehe :-)
(Thu 15th Jan 2004, 15:33, More)

» People with Stupid Names

I knew....
...a Czech guy at uni called Lubar Kundt....
(Fri 27th Aug 2004, 12:37, More)

» Local Nutters

....has many strange beings, noticeably around the Mill Road area.

There used to be this guy who walked around with various items on his head. I have seen him with a fish, brussels sprouts and a small christmas tree (not at the same time of course)

There's also this haggard old lady with a blue wooly hat who wanders around picking up rubbish everwhere. I frequently see her in the Grafton Shopping Centre.
(Thu 16th Sep 2004, 12:15, More)
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