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(Sun 9th Jun 2002, 21:27, More)

yes mate, what can I getcha ?

(Thu 30th May 2002, 0:39, More)

(Mon 29th Apr 2002, 14:37, More)

the good ship lollypop crashes into a 10,000 year old unhappy penguin encased in ice and spills its cargo of oxo cubes and bricks

(Fri 19th Apr 2002, 20:46, More)

tubkid (revenge of)

(Fri 19th Apr 2002, 20:45, More)

The girls are upset at Lady Thatchers retirement from politics

(Fri 19th Apr 2002, 20:44, More)

(Back only)

(Sat 23rd Mar 2002, 18:10, More)

i think the lesson to be learnt here is that

bunnies do not look cute when they have no cute bunny eyes and no cute bunny ears
(Sat 16th Mar 2002, 16:05, More)


(Sun 10th Mar 2002, 12:11, More)

looks like Dylan isn't quite so small after all
I'd like to apologise to everyone for forcing you to see this. Its crap, we all know its crap. Move along people, nothing to see here!

(Fri 8th Mar 2002, 9:01, More)


(Wed 6th Mar 2002, 8:38, More)

It's the Titcharoo!

(Sun 3rd Mar 2002, 17:19, More)

Presenting..... tubkid!

(Thu 28th Feb 2002, 10:37, More)

Sheep Sledding (warning: rubbish)

(Sat 23rd Feb 2002, 18:44, More)

Best answers to questions:

» World's Most Hated Food

Celery - NO. It's disgusting in every way, raw or cooked it's wrong wrong wrong. The stringy texture. The smell. The liquid stuff that comes out of it. The taste, oh god the taste. I can feel my stomach turning as i think about it.

Cucumber - its a mild form of celery yet just as evil, it also has the added benifit of taking over the taste of any sandwich even after it's been removed, thus making any sandwich that has ever come into contact with cucumber totally unediable.

Beetroot - urgh


As a side note, I would have added turkish delight (the cadbury one) to this list up until last week, when I bought one out of pure masocism and found that I actually rather enjoyed it (the last time I had any was something like 10 years ago) so let this be a lesson kids - if you hated something when you were younger, try it again now - you may be surprised that you don't hate it quite as much as you did (unless its celery, sprouts or cucumber, obviously).

And another side note - allegedly, acording to science, the stuff that we eat doesn't taste the same to all of us - so when I eat some celery (not that i do) it actually tastes different to what you (you celery loving bastards) taste. It's not just a personal thing, its genetic! Aparently there are people who would describe the taste of cucumber as sweet. SWEET!! Bullshit!
(Mon 12th Jul 2004, 11:39, More)

» World's Most Hated Food


in any form.

It tastes of fucking leaves people, how can you drink it ?!?!!?!
(Mon 12th Jul 2004, 11:53, More)