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atop my noggin is
the hat of anger

UPDATE: Hat of Anger Throws Self into ring:

thanks mictoboy

i can oft be found in
and about Boston (the US one)

seek the hat and you shall find me

i can most likely be reached at yakmonkey at hotmail dot com.
advice:never update your profile after scotch...this i have learned

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(Wed 27th Apr 2005, 19:40, More)

i haven't been round these parts in a while.
(Wed 19th Jan 2005, 19:21, More)


(Tue 6th Jul 2004, 19:26, More)

ah, the classics...

(Mon 14th Jun 2004, 18:19, More)

(Wed 9th Jun 2004, 14:13, More)

(Thu 3rd Jun 2004, 16:14, More)

clickety biggety boo

(Wed 2nd Jun 2004, 15:38, More)

(Wed 19th May 2004, 20:11, More)

(Tue 20th Apr 2004, 17:45, More)

everything had gone wrong....
and the cat had still gotten away.


(Mon 19th Apr 2004, 17:37, More)


(Thu 15th Apr 2004, 14:34, More)

(Wed 17th Mar 2004, 14:59, More)

(Wed 10th Mar 2004, 19:57, More)

wobbles slow reaction time and low speed
made catching the mouse an impossible dream

wobbly wobbles
not a repost, newer and improveder version
(Tue 9th Mar 2004, 17:38, More)

Giant Floating Baby Head...
sometimes dreams late at night
of finding a land full of his people.

(Wed 3rd Mar 2004, 16:46, More)

(Fri 27th Feb 2004, 17:18, More)

"Braise me hams! One thousand hams!"

clicken to embiggen
animated version

(Tue 24th Feb 2004, 15:28, More)


clicking embiggens

(Wed 11th Feb 2004, 13:34, More)


(Tue 10th Feb 2004, 20:08, More)

(Mon 9th Feb 2004, 14:44, More)


(Tue 27th Jan 2004, 21:24, More)

evil kitten does not approve!

(Tue 13th Jan 2004, 19:57, More)

hahahaha! I make me laugh!

(Mon 22nd Dec 2003, 18:52, More)


why? because it's been days since i've terrified you lot

(Thu 11th Dec 2003, 13:25, More)

biggerer and morerer

(Mon 8th Dec 2003, 19:22, More)


edit: advice for all animal p-shoppers
Lemur eyes get at least ten times as evil when applied to any other animal

(Fri 5th Dec 2003, 13:31, More)


clicky linky go biggy

this one makes me laugh for some reason

(Wed 12th Nov 2003, 23:16, More)

well i guess i got some hummus back

click for full horror

but apparently it is sick and twisted hummus
(Thu 6th Nov 2003, 22:22, More)

he's crying because he knows he shouldn't be

clickety biggety boo

(Sun 2nd Nov 2003, 22:26, More)

this is just an example of what my brain says to do to things
(Thu 30th Oct 2003, 21:29, More)

(Thu 30th Oct 2003, 17:00, More)

clicken to embiggens!

(Tue 28th Oct 2003, 14:05, More)


(Thu 23rd Oct 2003, 14:28, More)

just something else that popped into my head
and wouldn't leave.

(Thu 9th Oct 2003, 20:52, More)


(Thu 9th Oct 2003, 16:49, More)

and before that

(Thu 2nd Oct 2003, 16:45, More)

(Thu 25th Sep 2003, 20:57, More)


(Mon 22nd Sep 2003, 18:56, More)

all he needed now was a band...


not quite dancing,
but he is toe-tapping

(Mon 22nd Sep 2003, 15:13, More)

although he would miss his life on the high seas,
it had been a hard life,
and he was enjoying his retirement

some thanks owed to the person who posted the pirate kit

edit: woo FP! one more to double digits!

(Thu 4th Sep 2003, 14:48, More)

I hate when he does this too

i also hate when he does this
these guys learned it by watching him

(Tue 2nd Sep 2003, 19:49, More)

serve it up with some

(Mon 4th Aug 2003, 19:40, More)

thunder and lightning here
at least i am at work.

edit: besides that the sun is evil!!!

holy frontpage! that was unexpected, thank you b3ta powers that be
(Sun 3rd Aug 2003, 21:53, More)

a nutritious part of this complete breakfast

(Sun 3rd Aug 2003, 19:41, More)

coffee and three-eyed lemurs

don't mix.
(Tue 22nd Jul 2003, 12:48, More)

...after a long (hideous) day at work

i wish someone would make this real
and not just in my head
(Wed 25th Jun 2003, 23:52, More)

...my only child, Monkeybaby,

is sad...
(Fri 20th Jun 2003, 13:26, More)

burn baby burn

edit: frontpage! *sniff*
i'd like to thank all the little people and some of the other sizes too...
(Fri 20th Jun 2003, 13:06, More)

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