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An old pea for an old legend. RIP Barry.

(Sun 5th Aug 2018, 18:35, More)

(Fri 30th Sep 2011, 19:01, More)

(Thu 4th Aug 2011, 19:11, More)


(Mon 7th Feb 2011, 12:17, More)

(Sun 4th Jul 2010, 6:31, More)

subtle, and brilliant

(Wed 27th Feb 2008, 20:58, More)

11 is so last millennium

(Sat 4th Aug 2007, 19:00, More)

Aww, didums.

(Sun 10th Jun 2007, 14:04, More)

(Sat 13th May 2006, 13:39, More)

Pinball, anyone?

(Sat 27th Aug 2005, 18:07, More)


(Sun 24th Jul 2005, 9:50, More)

version 2:

click for version 3
(Fri 1st Jul 2005, 9:38, More)

dig it baby!

(Sat 26th Feb 2005, 10:03, More)

feh, kids these days got no attention spa... ooh, something shiny!

(Thu 2nd Dec 2004, 17:16, More)

yay for surfing!

(Tue 16th Nov 2004, 17:18, More)

following the UK government's stance on smacking
the NSPCC will be installing these machines in supermarkets everywhere

(Tue 6th Jul 2004, 18:42, More)

(Mon 5th Jul 2004, 13:44, More)

I saw this in my garden the other day
it's call went "Wakka wakka wakka!"

FP! thanks admins for this & past ones :)
(Tue 22nd Jun 2004, 21:33, More)

apologies and thanks to "devil duck.... quackers" for the original image

(Fri 18th Jun 2004, 21:04, More)

wash day again...

(Wed 26th May 2004, 13:15, More)

you know how cat's eyes get big when they're scared...

(Wed 19th May 2004, 1:32, More)

"Come quietly or there will be....bubbles"

(Wed 5th May 2004, 15:52, More)

(Tue 4th May 2004, 14:03, More)

(Sun 14th Mar 2004, 13:58, More)

Damnit, that's the last time I'm buying Star Wars bootleg DVDs on eBay...

(Sun 7th Mar 2004, 21:21, More)

I sniggered way too much at that, Animal rules!

(Thu 6th Nov 2003, 9:02, More)

Crocuses almost in full bloom.

(Wed 5th Nov 2003, 11:14, More)

(wahay they got me a new goldfish) O o .

click for big

(Wed 24th Sep 2003, 8:35, More)

Elle suffered with bad breath

(Mon 28th Jul 2003, 21:57, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Easiest Job Ever

I was once the stuntman for Songs of Praise.

(Fri 10th Sep 2010, 6:18, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

Three lads down on the beach on a summer day, drinking, fooling around, then they see this young woman sunbathing on the beach, only she's a quadriplegic.
They start daring each other to go over to her, the first lad says "'ere watch this" and the other two stand and watch as the first goes over to the woman and asks her if she's ever been kissed. She replies no and he asks if he could which she replies yes so he does.
When he got back to the other two lads, one of them goes "you think that's daring?" and goes over to the woman, asks if she's ever been groped, again she says no and he asks, she replies yes so he does and then goes back to his mates.
The third lad realises he's got to out-do the other two so goes over to the woman and asks if she's ever been fucked, no she replies, to which he says "well now you have, the tide's coming in!"

(ba-dum tish, coat time)
(Tue 7th Feb 2006, 22:04, More)

» Complaining

I once complained to YouTube that putting the pop-up menu at the bottom of the video with links to other related videos appeared during the playing of a video when the mouse hovvered over it (before the video had finished playing) which was embedded in a 3rd party webpage was misleading in that it could make viewers of the website think the other videos were put there by the same person who embedded it in the webpage.

They only went and emailed me back saying they understand what I meant and stopped the related-videos-menu appearing during playback of the video! I was a bit gobsmacked actually.

Sorry I haven't had anything interesting to complain about, I don't usually complain to corporations because I know it will usually fall on deaf ears.
(Mon 6th Sep 2010, 3:33, More)

» Cougars and Sugar Daddies

My Grandad got married a few years ago...
...to someone about half his age, he's 91 now - and no she didn't marry for money because he's got none.
(Sun 7th Dec 2008, 23:39, More)

» Council Cunts

Stroud's Bus "Station"
A few years ago the fuckwits at Stroud Council decided to sell the bus station so we can get a shiny new cinema with a bowling alley on top (which I've heard the bowling place is going to close next year because apparently it's running at a loss...)

How did they solve the problem of no new place for a bus station? they thought, "fuck it, lets just use the main road", several bus stops either side of the road with pedestrian traffic lights at each end - chaos during the morning/afternoon times when the school brats go to/from school.

(I still go to the Cribbs Causeway cinema though, bigger screens, better sound)
(Sun 29th Jul 2007, 4:36, More)
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