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Hi my name is Dave everyone at work calls me little Dave considering I should be working you may also call me this. I stumbled on B3ta a little while ago when I visited http://www.rathergood.com, since then I haven't done any work. This web site is so addictive.all

I cunt spell for shit?
edit : can't

These live under my floor boards

After my first visit my IE was never the same

Those bloody vikings had to go one step further

There just isn't enough Scooter these days, what was his sister called again?

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When questioned about how he felt Tony handled the Iraq situation
Gordon simply gestured:

Edit :I don't believe it woo thanks magic donkey**! The milky bars are on me!

** Ok magic donkey I take it back I am not grateful for you nod as it was probably misread when you approved something for the newsletter. I redirect my thanks to the person who FP'd me. Thanks

And what I want to know is why Sharpy's image didn't cut the mustard?
(Fri 27th Feb 2004, 13:59, More)

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» My Wanking Disasters

My old boss lent me a European hard core porno when I was 14
I didn't sleep all night and must have been in the "Zone" all these athletes talk about because I managed to get through the pain barrier of wearing most of the skin off my knob
(Wed 2nd Jun 2004, 14:06, More)

» Your Revenge Stories

In my middle school there was some twat
called Gareth Cooper some of you may be unfortunate enough to know him, One lunch time I was sitting next to him in the dinner hall, he was being his usual twatish self and kept doing something (sorry can't remember what) which kept pissing me off so I gave him a ultimatum which he did not conform to so had no choice to grab his hamburger and shoved it in his jelly and cream dessert.
(Fri 14th May 2004, 13:27, More)

» Shit Stories

When I was 9 me and my family
went on holiday to Tunisia, after a week of there torturous food my intestines had had enough, one afternoon whilst I was in the kids pool I farted but to my disbelief I had managed to spread my man manure every where
(Thu 6th May 2004, 13:22, More)

» Lost...

twunt ... sorry for the length
a few months ago me and my girlfriends went to Rome for a short city break, we took her mum along as she also needed a break. We arrived at the airport fine collected the luggage then put it on the bus next to our bag and got on board. When we arrived at the stop I took both bags off the and we went to the taxi rank,after about five minutes my girlfriend shouts "Mum how long has your bag had that pink ribbon on it." at that exact point my heart stopped beating as I realised I'd picked up the wrong bag! I then ran down the middle of the road carrying the bag as it was poring with rain shouting for the bus to stop, but alas the bus was long gone. I felt so sick as we made our to the hotel wondering what to do next. We tried to talk to the hotel receptionist but their English was a good my Italian (none existent).
after were checked into our room we made our way back to the place where we have to buy the return ticket from to see if they could help us, so we walked in and asked them where we should leave the case, the guy's face lit up as he realised that we had brought back the case that someone else had lost, he then told us that my future mother in law's was in the left luggage room.
Well at least we can laugh at it now.
(Mon 6th Dec 2004, 13:40, More)

» Stuff You've Overheard

not sure if this is valid
but I went camping with all of my friends for a weekend, there was a disco at the camp site so we all went and got pissed, anyway my and my girlfriend decided to go back to the tent for a bit of parking the pink Cadillac...
As we are in mid flow my friend come back so we decide to keep to try and keep quiet, whilst we were still having sex my friends came into our tent to get some chairs so they could sit down.. Luckily for us we had a 4 man tent with a separate sleeping area

It was so hard to look them in the face the next day without laughing
(Thu 10th Jun 2004, 13:45, More)
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