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» Stupid Tourists

Not strictly a daft tourist...
...but all these stories of 'Do you know ... from ...' reminded me of a time I was in Boston.
Sitting down to breakfast in the hotel, some guy from New York walks up and asks if he can use the spare place at the table. He hears my accent and says 'You from Scotland' to which I replied 'Aye'.
Then he asks me if I know a guy called Eddie S***** as he's from Scotland too. Would have been a you twunt moment, only I did know the guy, he used to be my music teacher!
(Fri 8th Jul 2005, 12:18, More)

» Restaurants, Kitchens and Bars... Oh my!

A few choice bits...
...but I did work in the industry for 6 bloodey years!

Worked in posh restauraunt in even posher Edinburgh hotel. One of the waiting staff had a habit of eating stuff off plates that came back from the restaurant - minging! Chef's decided to be nice and offer him a nice freshly cooked juicy steak one night - just a shame said steak had been sitting out in the hot kitchen for 12 hours, been wiped all over the floor etc. Waiter really enjoyed it but was off sick for a couple of days after - I wonder why.

That was, though, the same restaurant where the more senior chefs poured alcohol over a commis and set him alight - for a bit of amusement. Made sure I never argued with them.

Last one - had a great water fight in the dishwash area between KP's and waiters using bottles of fizzy water. Shame there were still customers in the restaurant, eating their £25 breafasts in their £200/night hotel, and being served by very wet staff. I think they made something up about a flood.
(Wed 26th Jul 2006, 16:42, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

Can't be arsed looking to see if this has already been posted...
Did you hear that Gary Glitter is to be playing the next Doctor Who?

His co-stars are K-9 and Toby-7

*Edit* dammit, there it is.
(Wed 7th Dec 2005, 10:30, More)

» Stupid Tourists

Little House???
An American on a city tour of Edinburgh
"Gee, what's that little house on the hill over there?"
He was referring to Edinburgh Castle!
(Thu 7th Jul 2005, 17:41, More)

» Unexpected Good Fortune

I just won £380 in the casino - after placing a £1 bet on the puggies ( and after losing £10 on the roulette table).
Slightly makes up for losing several tens of pounds last time!!!
(Sun 17th Sep 2006, 2:41, More)
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