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» World's Sickest Joke

I wish to disassociate myself from this....
What is so great about shagging twenty five year olds? There's twenty of them.
(Thu 9th Sep 2004, 18:32, More)

» Desperate Times

Rootin' Around
After having had a day from hell (fell off my bike, going overdrawn, getting soaked by the rain whilst bleeding from aforementioned bike injury and then having to sit on the train to london etc.) in my distraction I managed to accidentally bin my phone near Smithfield meat market. In fairness, it was in a tesco carrier bag that I had just emptied of pre-gig-tea-on-the-train goodies. I only realised I had binned my phone after 40 minutes of walking the other way. By the point I sprinted back to where I had put the offending article en poubelle more rubbish had accrued on top. I then spent a glorious and dignifying 2 minutes routing through the bin to get my phone back mostly because I didn't want to have to explain how I had lost it to close friends or anyone who had the slightest respect for me.

It didn't smell as bad as I thought it would.
(Mon 19th Nov 2007, 2:49, More)

» My Worst Vomit

another one
I was about 15 and had been walking around town with a mate. I had had a marshmallow brownie from a popular local bakery (no names mentioned) and about halfway home I started to get hot and cold sweats. I managed to hold it in until I got home, then ran upstairs and barfed into the sink. Unfortunately it wasn't quite as digested as one might wish, so after I had gone for a lie down, my mum came down and said to my mate "I saved the big bits for you".

Oh and I once puked 8 feet after playing Doom for 6 hours without a rest in 1997.
(Thu 19th Aug 2004, 22:12, More)

» Embarrassing Injuries

oh dear...
well, I was playing cricket at school when I was 13/14, and recieved a sharp reminder on the benefits of wearing a box. The thing is that the teacher as if to add insult to injury called that that one was a "dead ball" as I lay writhing in agony on the pitch.
(Thu 2nd Sep 2004, 20:56, More)

» My Worst Vomit

I was about 7 or 8 and was feeling a bit under the weather and was in a class music lesson, which more or less entailed singing in 3 rows. I said I felt a bit sick, and the teacher said that should this threat to be brought into action then I was to use the toilet which was just off the hall. Well of course, I knew better. When I felt ill, I kept it in. Until about the third chorus of one song when it wouldn't stay in any longer and hit the girl in front of me. I want to say on the record Charlotte King: I am sorry for chundering in your hair.
(Thu 19th Aug 2004, 22:06, More)
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