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Hi, I’m Homo Sapiens, male, 24 Earth years old and I live in The Netherlands.

Here are some pictures, most of them done with ArtRage + Photoshop:

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Get'em Cthulhu!

I'll just hide my embassy...

Look out! A land whale!

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Drawing lessons (for men) - a free service
I'm too good for this world.

(I will link it, if you or others members of your church find it too erotic.)
(Sat 28th Apr 2007, 10:31, More)

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» And that's the thanks I got

I screwed someone once
but I feel an evil sort of joy about it.

I bought a playstation 2 (with 10 games, including some new and expensive ones) from a colleague a few years back. He was 30, lived with his parents and didn't spend any money on rent or food, and instead bought several game consoles, elaborate phones, handheld stuff, the latest games, etc. He was always boasting about his material wealth (probably filling up the social and romantic voids in his life).

He was getting bored with his PS2 and decided to sell it to me for 50 euro and a pack of smokes. Sounded like a perfect deal (at least 2 of the games he was going to supply were 70 euros EACH!)

Later that evening we were drinking some beers after work in a bar, and we got pretty wasted (that's what you get for skipping diner and going straight to the bar). I went to the bathroom and when I returned the bag with the PS2 was gone, and my collegue was looking like a smug bastard (as usual). He told me he had sold HIS(? No, MY) Playstation to the barkeeper and then handed me 70 euro as compensation.

I'm not a violent drunk, so I proceeded to yell at him. How did he dare sell something I had just bought off him earlier that day?! I put the 70 euro in my pocket and hoped this was just some joke he was playing... The damn barkeep just played along... Two hours passed, but since he was buying, I decided to hang around. And ofcourse the PS2 must have been somewhere in this building...

At the end of the evening he handed me back the bag with the Playstation and games he had hid, laughing aloud at my sillyness and anger. He hadn't sold it to anyone and gave me 70 of his own euros earlier that evening.

The next morning I had a terrible hangover, but I was happy as I counted my winnings: 70 euros cash in my pocket + a PS2 with 10 games. And free drinks! And all I ever paid was 50 euro and a pack of sigarets.

He never asked me about the money (he probably thinks the cab driver overcharged him or something, because he was completely wasted).

Evil? Or smart. You decide.
(Sat 26th May 2007, 14:27, More)