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as in josh

you can see some of my pics here:

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(Thu 21st Dec 2017, 16:13, More)

I scream, you scream...

(Thu 25th May 2017, 22:54, More)

(Mon 12th Sep 2011, 23:01, More)

(Thu 21st Jul 2011, 0:01, More)

(Thu 3rd Dec 2009, 11:23, More)

"nano my ass!"

(Sun 25th Nov 2007, 22:35, More)

(Fri 23rd Mar 2007, 23:09, More)

Button mooo-ooon, Button mooooo-OOOOOOn

(Mon 12th Mar 2007, 10:11, More)

(Sun 4th Feb 2007, 21:28, More)

happy valentine's day

(Mon 14th Feb 2005, 9:22, More)

Few people realise that in the early '30s
much of Astaire's choreography was supervised by Quackers McHonk

(Sun 30th Jan 2005, 23:39, More)

#1, #2, #3
(Wed 11th Feb 2004, 11:02, More)

(Sun 1st Feb 2004, 21:46, More)

(Tue 13th Jan 2004, 10:49, More)

(Sun 4th Jan 2004, 22:01, More)

(Fri 28th Nov 2003, 21:33, More)

it's not all rot, rot, rot

zombie advertising
(Thu 27th Nov 2003, 10:42, More)


(Wed 15th Oct 2003, 0:16, More)

(Sat 20th Sep 2003, 23:36, More)

the job in the car plant
was looking a lot more attractive now...

(Tue 16th Sep 2003, 10:49, More)

brain supplied separately

(Tue 5th Aug 2003, 10:45, More)

(Sun 27th Jul 2003, 22:54, More)

why do giraffes have such long necks?

because they're filthy pervs!
(Fri 25th Jul 2003, 20:37, More)

(Wed 16th Jul 2003, 21:13, More)

(Wed 25th Jun 2003, 0:52, More)

everybody dance now!

(Fri 20th Jun 2003, 21:01, More)

he waited all night
maybe I'm at the wrong cinema?..
(Sun 15th Jun 2003, 23:31, More)

she was three hours late
maybe she's stuck in traffic...
but he still hadn't given up hope...
(Sun 15th Jun 2003, 22:52, More)

(Fri 13th Jun 2003, 0:19, More)

everything's dumbing down these days...

(Mon 9th Jun 2003, 23:15, More)

opposites attract

click for bigger
(Thu 5th Jun 2003, 22:40, More)

extreme tattooing

(Mon 2nd Jun 2003, 10:18, More)

(Fri 30th May 2003, 0:33, More)

(Tue 20th May 2003, 20:36, More)

to the extreeeeeeeeeeme!
well... that was fun!
(Thu 8th May 2003, 23:40, More)

but during the daytime...

(Fri 2nd May 2003, 22:07, More)

you don't see many chamelenuns these days
invisible nuns are with you... always
but then again, you wouldn't...
(Wed 30th Apr 2003, 22:52, More)


has anyone got any jam?

click for bigger
(Thu 24th Apr 2003, 22:11, More)

(Fri 18th Apr 2003, 12:47, More)

koala koala koala koala
koala chameleon!

you come and go,
you come and go-o-o-oooo!
my pictures
(Wed 9th Apr 2003, 23:37, More)

they made the R102 extra long

click for bigger
(Wed 9th Apr 2003, 0:58, More)

pirate chalking - know your stuff!
here be treasure!
(Tue 1st Apr 2003, 22:45, More)


(Tue 1st Apr 2003, 21:31, More)

(Mon 31st Mar 2003, 0:53, More)

LS Lowry on safari

click here for larger
(Wed 19th Mar 2003, 23:04, More)

it's not all work, work, work
10,000 rogan posts
(Mon 10th Mar 2003, 21:50, More)

it's difficult for chameleons to get passports

(Mon 3rd Mar 2003, 13:22, More)

humanism in elephants
can be deeply disfiguring

(Wed 26th Feb 2003, 23:21, More)

suddenly Steve realised he was in way over his head

(Fri 14th Feb 2003, 23:39, More)

they both knew their love was wrong...
we've got to stop meeting like this!
please click for the larger version
(Mon 10th Feb 2003, 23:51, More)

next time you're on a plane,
keep an eye out for these fellas...

click for the full picture
(Sun 9th Feb 2003, 19:58, More)

some monkeys exhibit extremely complex social behaviour
help me...
almost on a par with human sophistication
(Wed 29th Jan 2003, 23:37, More)

you don't see this very often

because flies are normally very busy...
(Thu 16th Jan 2003, 0:40, More)

Wordsworth was becoming increasingly concerned
over Jamie's obsession with the torch

(Sun 12th Jan 2003, 0:45, More)

behind the scenes at b3ta.com

here we see a young owl being prepared for his first photoshoot
click for a larger view
(Fri 10th Jan 2003, 0:54, More)

everything was so funky in the 70s

(Thu 9th Jan 2003, 1:03, More)

he knew the others were laughing at him

but he'd just never taken to water...
(Tue 7th Jan 2003, 23:46, More)

"chocks away!"

(Sat 4th Jan 2003, 2:08, More)

clouds love rainbows

(Sat 4th Jan 2003, 1:22, More)

(Mon 30th Dec 2002, 23:20, More)

tis the season

to throw snowballs
(Tue 17th Dec 2002, 0:23, More)


(Sun 8th Dec 2002, 22:06, More)

I love this owl

(Tue 3rd Dec 2002, 22:36, More)

behold the terror of the Cyberhen!

(Tue 3rd Dec 2002, 9:58, More)

now we're talking
real owltimate power!

I'm so sorry! ;)
(Thu 28th Nov 2002, 18:26, More)


looking good!
(Thu 28th Nov 2002, 17:39, More)

I think owls
are definitely the new kittens...

(Wed 27th Nov 2002, 23:47, More)

Ducks! know your place!

(Wed 20th Nov 2002, 22:26, More)


my pictures
(Sat 16th Nov 2002, 0:10, More)

happy halloween

(Wed 30th Oct 2002, 23:17, More)

dunno why

just seemed right...
(Sun 27th Oct 2002, 20:58, More)

instrument animals
the elusive seapipes...

click for bigger
(Sat 26th Oct 2002, 23:52, More)

catching food
is such a chore

(Sat 19th Oct 2002, 19:53, More)

run you fools!
it's awake!

click for bigger
(Fri 18th Oct 2002, 23:57, More)

the expedition team make an unexpected discovery,
followed by a terrible mistake...

clicky for bigger
(Wed 16th Oct 2002, 23:01, More)

after years of reconnaisance
the invasion could finally begin

my pictures
(Mon 14th Oct 2002, 23:41, More)


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(Fri 4th Oct 2002, 23:59, More)

'where are these strange powers coming from?'
stan wondered...

(Fri 4th Oct 2002, 22:09, More)

why did the chicken cross the road?

(Fri 4th Oct 2002, 0:34, More)

hedgehog bowling
fun, till the rspca find out

click for slightly bigger
(Wed 2nd Oct 2002, 23:06, More)

wally mammoth

(Tue 1st Oct 2002, 22:05, More)


(Tue 1st Oct 2002, 20:38, More)

"Higher! Higher!"

(Mon 30th Sep 2002, 16:01, More)

the other statues were always picking on billy

sorry, doesn't come any bigger :(
(Mon 23rd Sep 2002, 22:39, More)

"now I am the master!"

"only a master of evil darth..."
(Fri 20th Sep 2002, 22:05, More)

I'll leave the elephants alone soon
I promise

click for slightly bigger
(Fri 20th Sep 2002, 21:35, More)


click for bigger
(Fri 20th Sep 2002, 20:23, More)

it's true

(Tue 17th Sep 2002, 15:51, More)

who wants to be an iconic work of art?

(Sat 7th Sep 2002, 20:56, More)

bastard UN inspectors

(Sat 7th Sep 2002, 18:54, More)


(Sat 7th Sep 2002, 16:38, More)

Hank never suspected a thing...

(Tue 3rd Sep 2002, 9:44, More)

nice merchandise

click for slightly larger
(Fri 30th Aug 2002, 20:46, More)

Sarah Jessica Poker

(Fri 30th Aug 2002, 10:00, More)

2000 rogan posts!

(Thu 29th Aug 2002, 20:04, More)

I think he's seen us!

(Tue 27th Aug 2002, 23:16, More)


"how do yo do?"
(Sun 25th Aug 2002, 23:39, More)

Sarah Michelle Gurner

(Sat 24th Aug 2002, 0:56, More)

I was lacking inspiration
so I decided to return to the musical animals...

(Thu 22nd Aug 2002, 23:02, More)


(Wed 21st Aug 2002, 20:50, More)

how medical school works

for anyone who's interested I've made a website of my older pictures at www.roganjosh.co.uk
(Wed 7th Aug 2002, 21:56, More)

and after that game they made him Pope

which was nice...
(Mon 5th Aug 2002, 21:59, More)


(Mon 5th Aug 2002, 20:48, More)

grey ball, corner pocket

wasn't going to, but I hadn't animated anything in a while...
(Sun 4th Aug 2002, 21:29, More)

they've had to pull this ad in the states
something about it being misleading...

(Mon 29th Jul 2002, 9:51, More)

my challenge entry

a picture I found and animated...
(Thu 25th Jul 2002, 22:14, More)

although he enjoyed
his new life in the city

sometimes he couldn't help but think of home...
(Wed 24th Jul 2002, 23:48, More)

it was too terrifying with cats
so they had to reshoot it with birds...

(Tue 23rd Jul 2002, 9:50, More)

The Horror!

I know you have to say it five times, pedants...
(Mon 22nd Jul 2002, 20:16, More)

jolly good show!

(Sun 21st Jul 2002, 0:23, More)

must have done

(Sat 20th Jul 2002, 21:44, More)

why did Hitler never invade Britain?

because three dice don't always win...
(Thu 18th Jul 2002, 20:58, More)


edit: maybe it should be 'dictatoring' but that wouldn't have fitted...
(Mon 15th Jul 2002, 22:41, More)

the truth revealed

but 8 out of 10 b3tans still would
(Thu 11th Jul 2002, 20:42, More)

once I wondered
what it would look like I had no
choice but to animate it...

pictures by pistolbitch and crabbloke
(Mon 8th Jul 2002, 22:18, More)

tomsk's penguins

(Mon 8th Jul 2002, 19:45, More)

fancy cake!

(Sat 6th Jul 2002, 12:59, More)

we are go for launch

(Sat 29th Jun 2002, 22:32, More)

flat cat

picture by pob
(Sat 29th Jun 2002, 16:59, More)

Johnny didn't like being upstaged

(Fri 28th Jun 2002, 9:51, More)

Anyone order an animation?
Mr Rune?

(Mon 24th Jun 2002, 18:36, More)

in the end
kitty's constant pestering had been too much to bear

never forget, all cats are evil
(Sun 23rd Jun 2002, 21:18, More)

poor little guy's
got the blues

(Sat 22nd Jun 2002, 0:22, More)

a martial arts rodent takes dedication and training...

"wax on wax off, my arse..."
(Fri 21st Jun 2002, 21:15, More)

eventually Buck realised
Wilma was just a big tease

(Thu 20th Jun 2002, 10:16, More)

remember kids,
football can be dangerous...

(Thu 13th Jun 2002, 14:01, More)


(Wed 12th Jun 2002, 19:09, More)

I had to know
what this would look like...

well, you get the general idea
(Fri 7th Jun 2002, 17:27, More)

I wanted
to try my hand at advertising too...

(Thu 6th Jun 2002, 18:37, More)

kittens love shoes

(Thu 6th Jun 2002, 9:37, More)

They both knew their love was forbidden...

click here for full size bearlove
(Thu 30th May 2002, 23:08, More)

Jennifer Loves Chewitts

(Tue 28th May 2002, 22:24, More)

a bear in the air

(Sun 26th May 2002, 16:19, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

A mate told me about b3ta
when we were in the pub, saying that there was a website full of daft pictures and puns that I would like. Up until then I didn't have anyone to share a love of ducks wearing hats and gif optimisation with so finding all the incredibly bored, incredibly creative people on the board was a revelation! I've made so many good friends from this place and I never would have moved to London if the b3ta bashes hadn't been so much fun.

Hats off to b4ta and the magic donkey for all the hard work they put in to keeping it all going. Woo and yay!
(Mon 12th Sep 2011, 14:51, More)