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as in josh

you can see some of my pics here:

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I scream, you scream...

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"nano my ass!"

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Button mooo-ooon, Button mooooo-OOOOOOn

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happy valentine's day

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» Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

A mate told me about b3ta
when we were in the pub, saying that there was a website full of daft pictures and puns that I would like. Up until then I didn't have anyone to share a love of ducks wearing hats and gif optimisation with so finding all the incredibly bored, incredibly creative people on the board was a revelation! I've made so many good friends from this place and I never would have moved to London if the b3ta bashes hadn't been so much fun.

Hats off to b4ta and the magic donkey for all the hard work they put in to keeping it all going. Woo and yay!
(Mon 12th Sep 2011, 14:51, More)