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» Job Interviews

Yes.. Bad decision.. please have mercy
The interview went great and I got the job. Said to show up the next morning 10:00 am. Went home to celebrate.. met up with some friends and was smoodged into dropping 3.5 hits of LSD. (easily smoodged) First time for me.The most I expected was an hour or so of retro colors and a few little green men. SO SO VERY WRONG.After 10 hours or more of non stop look I can fly smurffage .. and some rather good conversations with the wall ... I knew that making it to my new job wasn't going to happen. I remember hiding under the covers when 10:00am rolled around and my cell phone rang... knowing it was them .. wondering where I was... SO very paranoid.I couldn't listen to the message they left .. so I had a friend do it.. I felt so dirty. I have a job now though and no worries!! I am also LSD free....
(Sat 22nd Jan 2005, 19:19, More)

» Urban Legends

I was in third grade and it was the summer just after Disney's The Lion King was released.

Well- several of my classmates swore up and down that the singing voice of Simba was Michael Jackson when he was a kid. According to them- when Michael Jackson was still a child- Disney had him record a bunch of songs for their animation to be reproduced at a MUCH later date.

We argued for quite sometime.

also...when asking my mom why girls had a vagina and boys had a penis... she quickly said "oh well some girls have a penis and some boys have a vagina." or at least that is how my little mind understood it. I wont tell you how old I was when I figured the truth of that one out. Young enough to still lose face.
(Sun 8th Jan 2006, 20:24, More)

» Singing the wrong words

Nirvana: In Bloom
Sitting around the table.. trying to figure out the lyrics.

Sell the kids for food
Weather changes moods
Spring is here again
Rape the dog again...

(Thu 27th Jan 2005, 17:09, More)

» Restaurants, Kitchens and Bars... Oh my!

Gourmet Pizza Place
I got the job just by walking in and asking the disgruntled italian behind the counter if they were hiring. He grunted and said if I can take this guys order.. I'd get the job. So I walked behind the counter.. punched the customer's order into the register... and got the job. 'Course.. then he wanted me to stay and work that very day and show everyone ALL READY working there how to use the register. Pfft. I said I'd be back the next day.

Now Working there - the italian manager spent most (ALL) of his time at the strip club located just across the street. Only coming back over to grab a pizza "for the ladies" or to shag whatever trash was dangling on his arm. And let me say.. the restaurant's back office is by no means sound proof.

The guy was a hoot. Constantly on cocaine and ex. We took his absence as an opportunity to also enjoy a bit of fluff ourselves. Though he did return often enough to shake up some flip outs and encourage more people to quit. I had no clue pizza dough could become such a versatile weapon.

None of the employees had any expereince working at a pizzeria. The veteran of the place was going on 2 and a half weeks.. but he came in hung over most of the time and when he wasn't hung over.. he talked about model boats constantly. We kept him in the back away from the customers.

We were all juvenile misfits or just old skanky pot heads trying to run a fucking restaraunt with out any guidance. We'll stick around and attempt making pizzas and pasta if we get paid.

And we did for a short while - until some suits came in and said they were shutting the place down. Big surprise. Had to go get the manager across the street to let him know ;)

There was some revolting shit going on there... like the food they kept in what looked like amniotic fluid. You know - like eggs and olives etc. After working there.. I never order salads or soup any where.

The place also served tuna and chips and it turns out the tuna was so old.. the other employees had been scooping around the mold and feeding it to the customers for what had to be months..

Apparently there's this thing called "rotation" and anyone who has worked at eateries knows it's importance. Well - we sure didn't..

I saw the italian manager some time later in a booking photo.. something about possession. Too much fun.
(Sun 23rd Jul 2006, 22:04, More)

» It was a great holiday, but...

Tv production class
We go on a class trip to Las Vegas. Our Tv Pro. teacher, his wife, and about 10 of us techy geeks. Well, doesn't take long for our teacher to get slonkered and his wife trying to hold the beast down.
We all meet up at the Excalibur for the "Dinner Dual" thingy..much like the medieval resteraunt scene from Cable Guy. Any who.. so this midget dressed in jester garb comes out into the arena.. and this sends our sloshed teacher into a frenzy of obnoxious laughter..Pointing and screaming, "Hey guys.. hey look.. its a water melon with legs. har har.." And other just as silly remarks.. which he thought was a hoot.. goon.
(Mon 25th Apr 2005, 21:42, More)
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