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This are me.

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» We have to talk

With my now Ex...
He went away on a boys holiday last year for two weeks.

A few hours after he got back to the house and wed had plenty of pre-marital relations, we where cuddled up on the bed...
shithead- "we need to talk"
me- "yeah i know"
shithead- "what do you mean you Know?"
me- "I know you cheated and im going to ask you to get your stuff and go"
shithead- "(very confused)..well...what?...if you knew all along why havent you gone mad at me...and why did you sleep with me if you knew?"
me- " Its been two weeks and I wanted to refuel before I told you to get out."
(Sun 22nd Apr 2007, 20:13, More)

» Hidden Treasure

A poo
In my bed.
I love Cats
(Fri 1st Jul 2005, 19:08, More)

» Guilty Pleasures

i dont get out much...
You know you get those people that sit beside smaller roundabouts and sell bags of potatoes??
They are so easy top wind up. We once pulled up next to his big handwritten sign saying '1 BaG £3' and asked how much a bag was,shouted 'BARGAIN!!', waved a wallet in the air and drove off. haha!
EVEN funnier if you go around the roundabout twice then do exactly the same wearing a pirate eyepatch.

*Repeat until the joke wears thin or you run out of petrol.
(Fri 8th Apr 2005, 11:57, More)

» Dentists

Im going to the dentist tomorrow
there will be pain, tears, needles, screams,blood and fear that will shake you to your deepest core.....

But at least it wont be me in the chair suckers!

(im a dental nurse)
(Sun 5th Nov 2006, 17:43, More)

» Guilty Pleasures

I find myself putting random garments on without realising it. By the time ive tidied my room i am usually dressed as a french man, berret, moustache, hankie round the neck and my stripey top. I dnt realise im doing it and my french accent stays for the rest of the day.
The other day i ended up as SuperTed, red cape and teddy ears.
The strange thing is i dnt know why i own a red cape, teddy ears and a fake moustache. I cant remember buying them or using them and leaving them on my floor every other week?????
(Fri 8th Apr 2005, 11:39, More)
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