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Hello! I'm Rachel, 22 from Nottingham UK.

and that's me ^^

so yeah.... that's it then. Been a lurker on B3ta for yonks and yonks and now part of the madness.... yay!

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» Accidentally Erotic

I remember....
watching Schindlers list at secondary school. I remember the scene where naked jews were being forced into the gas chambers. There were tears from the girls, the teachers and a row of uncomfortable boys who obviously had boners due to seeing their first ever naked woman, even if she was going to die a terrible death.

I remember feeling slightly disgusted and at the same time sympathising with the boys, poor sods and their hormones!
(Fri 3rd Feb 2006, 17:02, More)

» Weddings

I'm a nightmare at weddings. I was a bridesmaid at my cousins wedding. It was a rather posh affair (One of those with 7 courses but you're still starving as it's all a work of art and bugger all on the plate) Got absolutely shit faced and proceeded to heckle everyone during their speeches (Dad joined in as he was drunk too) Later i decided to give away my tiara, stole and necklace to someone i thought was in need then danced away to shite 80's songs whilst trying to deal with a 'rude itch' at the same time. I look like a epileptic on the wedding video :\ Was also asked questions for the video for the bride and groom, 'What did you think of the day Rachel?' Expecting a sweet answer and well wishes for the happy couple... i replied 'The cheese was shite and the Jack Daniels ran out too early' :|

I'm at my friends wedding in September and my boyfriend is best man. Thank god i've just been diagnosed with a heart condition that means i can't drink anymore.....!


After speaking to mum this afternoon i completely forgot about this. There were 4 bridesmaids (Including me) Me - 21, 2 in their thirties and a young one at 6. The youngest was sat on a pew and i remember her farting loudly through the vows. She really did cock her arse up and give it some welly, proper forcing it out face. I was dying of laughter!

Funny how in such a rush to post, i miss the essence of it all :\
(Fri 15th Jul 2005, 11:15, More)

» I'm an expert

Hmm Expert at.....
*Can whistle with mouth open in very high annoying notes

*Making a scarily life like baby crying noise (Which i take great pleasure in doing in Ikea near the kids section, makes parents fly off to check their crotch spawn are still in one piece muwhaha)

*Wiggling eyes. Hard to explain but i can make my eye balls shake all wierdly, only know one other person who can do this.

*Trumping all the time.

*Blowjobs. So i've been told. They don't call me Dyson mouth for nothing! :\ haha.

All of the above make me the expert at p**sing off my mother :D haha. *Minus the blowjob one obviously*
(Tue 28th Jun 2005, 14:00, More)

» Accidentally Erotic

Although i posted earlier, i remember my own 'accidently erotic' thing. I seem to have a thing for Chlorine. Whenever i go swimming and end up in the changing rooms after in a small cubicle, the smell of Chlorine.... well does the business on me.

I am strange indeed.

Also massive crush on Richard Hammond myself, i don't know it's odd, i just wanna cuddle him and do rude stuff haha. I think it's because he's cute and slightly too enthusiastic about stuff.

I don't get the opticians one, maybe it's just a bloke thing. All i can think is, god i hope i don't fart or burp when they're close to me :\
(Tue 7th Feb 2006, 11:31, More)

» My first love

I was 7 when i met this boy at a caravan park, we played football all week and he told me i was cute, didn't think much of it being 7 years old. One day, when we'd had enough of football, we went on the swings...... then another boy came along and sat next to him, they looked exactly the same as each other and then they decided to take their trousers off. I thought they wanted a wee wee, so i ran off back to my auntie to let them pee in peace.

I was 'told' to keep away from them for the rest of the holiday by my auntie. Turns out they were 14 year old identical twins and complete perverts.

Lucky escape!
(Thu 20th Oct 2005, 11:29, More)
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