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As you can see, I am old and confused, but I am occasionally allowed outside. I am a student at King's College London, doing a doctorate in Medieval History.

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Scenes from domestic life.

(Thu 20th Nov 2003, 22:25, More)

Committee of Public Safety warning.

(Wed 12th Nov 2003, 17:30, More)

Ye olde joke.

(Sun 9th Nov 2003, 12:41, More)

Delicious hot, disgusting cold.

(Fri 15th Aug 2003, 10:00, More)

Entomology 2:
Military Moths of Europe.

(More entomology here.)
(Wed 2nd Jul 2003, 21:49, More)

Extreme sport: leapbear.

(With a little help from my friend Eadweard.)
(Wed 18th Jun 2003, 15:42, More)

Giraffes are gay - Official.
A further quote from "Greek Homosexuality" by KJ Dover:
"The giraffe has developed a courtship technique, exploiting the aesthetic potentialities of his long neck, which he uses in homosexual relations but not in heterosexual mating; the technique culminates in erection, mounting and occasionally spontaneous ejaculation or attempts to induce ejaculation by friction, though not (so far) in anal penetration."

(Sun 15th Jun 2003, 22:27, More)

After failing as a painter, Mondrian's little-known brother
got a job at a disco.

(Wed 11th Jun 2003, 22:43, More)

Keep digging, shipmates.
Those Hampstead landlubbers know nothing of Blackbeard's map.

Apologies to the shade of Ford Madox Brown.
(Fri 6th Jun 2003, 22:52, More)

A packet of Instant Spong ...

Invaluable in any home.
(Wed 14th May 2003, 12:49, More)

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» Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

Blimey. I see that I joined 9 years, 2 months and 18 days ago.
Thanks to a cartoon (Coo?) by somebody whose name I can't recall, like so much else, which was linked on Cix (a bulletin board - younger readers may wish to consult a glossary).
Lots of fun, lots of nice people, some intense transatlantic messaging (hello, Cheryl), crowded bashes - I remember going to the something Celeste with great trepidation for my first one, and immediately meeting the wonderful Freshlegs, and realising that B3tans are OK. Also Rob trying to deter me from going into a bash, because he thought I was some lost dotard in the wrong place, looking obviously far too old to have anything to do with his young hip board ...
(Mon 12th Sep 2011, 20:12, More)