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Lazy Norwich computing student bloke

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Due to NASA funding cutbacks
Space exploration is now limited to charting and mapping blanket sky

Edit: my 500th post is a frontpage. how bloody good is that? :)
(Tue 14th Oct 2003, 16:05, More)

haven't done one of these in ages

(Sat 8th Mar 2003, 18:01, More)

those crazy cones...

(Mon 13th Jan 2003, 3:25, More)

Games i'd really like to see
1 in a series of however-many-i-can-be-arsed-to-produce

Well I suppose if I'd thrown in a few sheep it could've been a Llamasoft game...
(Wed 1st Jan 2003, 18:03, More)

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» Insults

Outisde a pub in Ipswich
A group of chav women we'd never met before approached us and the leader of the pack (well.. she looked like a dog anyway) shouted at me completely unprompted "You! You're fat, ugly, gormless and a dickhead. why would a women like me want someone like you?"

I just replied without thinking "Because I have a huge cock. any questions?"

The look on her face was priceless - no response to that at all.

Also, a while back in Norwich I was walking down prince of wales road (which is a chavfest on a saturday night) and 3 women from a hen party in a limo started shouting random insults out of the window at the traffic lights.

"Aww... isn't it cute how dogs always hang their heads out of car windows!"

I'm just glad that light turned green before she figured out how to open the door - god she was rough and a bit on the large side
(Mon 8th Oct 2007, 13:41, More)

» My Collection

Another 8-bit geek
Yup - I'm another of those folks who collects 8/16-bit computers and games consoles (although I've stopped now I'm a student again - I've got to spend my cash on other things like food and rent).

Not quite sure how it started. Think it was that I never could throw out the stuff I originally had. After that I thought 'well now I can afford the things I thought were cool as a kid and do some catchup gaming', then rumour got out that I liked the stuff and people just started giving me machines. one even turned up on the doorstep with a note asking me to take care of it.

It was around this point my house had turned into the geek equivalent of battersea dogs home and my mate broke it to me gently that I was a retro gamer.

Sadder still is that I can code at least something on a majority of them (even now I still do demos and games from time to time).

This is a a small fraction of what is currently occupying my parents house whilst I'm hiding away and 'studying':

I suppose I also collect psycho ex-girlfriends too but I prefer the computers for some reason. Maybe 'best excuses given by psychotic significant others' would make a great question, although if anyone can beat 'It was his aunts dogs birthday party in cornwall and I had to go along as a friend for moral support' I'd be quite impressed :)
(Sat 13th Jan 2007, 0:50, More)

» Pure Ignorance

I'm tech support for PC World
So I could have a thread to myself here.

Best one of the last couple of weeks was an old lady calling a workmate to say she'd phoned her internet provider who told her that her computer was poorly and needed bed rest. If she left it 'asleep' (off) for 3 days it would get better.

Suffice to say it didn't...
(Wed 12th Jan 2005, 0:40, More)

» Political Correctness Gone Mad

On my first attempt at uni
I referred to a slacking groupmate who refused to do any useful work on the assumption we'd be too scared to fail the degree (which i dropped out of) to not do his work for him as a 'fat useless welsh c**t'

Oddly enough I got into a lot of trouble for the word 'Welsh'
(Sat 24th Nov 2007, 15:24, More)

» Expensive Mistakes

Probably not actually my fault...
But one of the joys of working on a PC helpline (wouldn't like to say which one....) is being held responsible for other peoples problems (usually caused by not thinking combined with not keeping backup).

My record was being accused of costing the customer his job, costing his former employer around 2 million pounds in fines for missing a deadline and grinding the M25 to a half for the best part of a week.

... all because he lost a word document and hadn't kept a backup.

Not sure if it is actually true, but quite an impressive cockup if it is.

Length? About 30 minutes, but your call is very important to us so please continue to wait...
(Fri 26th Oct 2007, 14:44, More)
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